Good luck to our students awaiting results

Stay calm; you are nearly there

Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied results will be issued tomorrow morning at 10:00. Students get them through the online portal that they have been using since March.

If you have forgotten your exam number or email details, please contact Mr Doolin:

If you need any support or advice following the results, please contact the school and make an appointment to talk to our Guidance department.

A reflection for those waiting:

‘Today I am thinking about all the students who’ll get their Leaving Cert results on Friday; not the ones who’ll be feted on the covers of the newspapers with their freakish bouquets of 7 A1’s. No, this morning, I salute the dreamers, the ones who ploughed their own furrow against the grain, the dancers and chancers, the schemers, the unsung heroes of the magical space between the classes, the bike shed kissers and smokers, the ones whose crooked branches could never be bent straight, the raconteurs of the school bus stop, the shy ones who’ll be beautiful late bloomers, the bullied ones, the ones who thought their leaking buckets were deficient but it is only along a well watered path that the most beautiful flowers grow, the boys and girls who held tight to their own songs, whistling their own melodies against the wind that blew hard for the last six years, the odd balls who rolled collecting only the moss they wanted, the gay boys who’ve waited for years to walk out of those school gates for the last time and walk tall, the ones who were taunted and not taught, the ones whose songs were frozen and stultified by facts; there is no failure today. The thaw begins today. This is your Spring, your release, your recovery, your time. Take flight. Learn to forget and dazzle your self by being who you truly are. Let nobody measure or assess you. Look up into the cosmos of your beautiful self and follow that star that winks at you showing you the way towards the place that school never revealed to you. Somewhere way beyond what you thought was possible. Some where so close. Deeply lodged in you’.

Billy O’Hanluain, poet