TY Press 2021/2022

What happens in press class?

In press class we update the school website with new information about things happening in the school such as clubs, events and competitions. We get stories and events sent to the class, us students then write about them to be posted on the school website. We work on our stories in the computer room with our press teacher, Mr Dowling. We add photos along with our writing for everyone to see what events, clubs, etc are going on. This shows all the fun activities and events that take place in Collinstown.

When do we do press class?

Press class is a subject option when you go into 4th year. If you choose press class, you will have the subject for the whole year. There are 10 students in press who all contribute to whatever is posted on our school website. We do Press every Monday for a double at the last two classes of the day. If you like writing or using the computer, this subject could be an interesting subject for you to do.

Meet the reporters:

Kayla Desmond
Tracey Ijezie
Millie Byrne
Alex O’Reilly
Sean Savage
Carl Roche
Oisin Mcgee
Ammar Syed

Story by Millie Byrne, Tracey Ijezie and Alex O’Reilly.