Collinstown Park Class of 2027

This is the class of 2027 and their year head is Ms Mohan. The five tutors are Ms Lucey, Ms Mulholland Ms Devine, Ms Campbell and Ms Keatley.

Even though many of the new first year students were initially nervous about entering a new school, they have settled in nicely in a matter of weeks. They previously got a tour of the school while they were still in sixth class to show them what it would be like to join and attend Collinstown Park and also know their way around the school.

On Monday students from first year had their photographs taken with their year Head Ms Mohan.

1C – Ms Campbell’s Class
1 M – Ms Mulholland’s Class
1 L – Ms Lucey’s Class
1K – Ms Keatley’s Class
1D – Ms Divine’s Class

Story by – Millie Byrne, Alex O’Reilly and Tracey Ijezie – TY press