5th Year Student of The Month October

Every month all the teachers for a select year decide who should get student of the month by having a vote, every teacher gets one vote for student of the month and the student that improved the most in LCA (leaving cert applied) and in LC (Leaving Cert).

This month in 5th year there were four winners.

5th year Leaving Cert Applied 

  • Most Improved – Jodie McDonnell
  • Student of the month – Lennox Donnan
Lennox Donnan

5th year Leaving cert

  • Most Improved – Cameron Farrell
  • Student of the month – Holly Dooley
Holly Dooley

Cameron Farrell


TY Art Trip to North Clondalkin Library

On the 18th of November, 4th year arts & crafts students were invited to North Clondalkin Library to view their artwork that they had been working on for the past 10 weeks. It was displayed there along with the artwork of St. Kevin’s and Moyle Park. Our school had made beautiful art pieces called ‘Zines’, which is short for magazine. These were mini booklets that had been designed to the students’ taste, based on a topic like sports, music and lots of other creative ideas.

Upon arrival, the students and Ms Kirwan was greeted by staff that worked at the library. They then made their way to the ‘back garden’, as it is called at the library, which is just an outdoor sitting area. There were pastries, tea, coffee and juice for them to enjoy. After around ten minutes, they were invited back inside to the conference room to listen to a speech from the Clondalkin mayor Peter Kavanagh. After he made his speech, the students were then allowed to look at all the amazing art work they have made, including the other school’s art works. Ms Kirwan took lovely photos of the students.

During the 10 weeks of doing the art work, they had a stapler that was used through all their hard work, which they were jokingly given as a goodbye present by the amazing artist who came in and joined in with this fun activity. The 4th year students and Ms.Kirwan had an amazing time and loved to see all the amazing artwork.

Millie Byrne and Tracey Ijezie – TY Press


CPCC Student Leadership

Collinstown Park are please to present the new class Captains for Junior Cycle students. These students will represent their tutor classes and they were voted by their peers. They have a very important role in Collinstown Park and will ensure all duties are carried out in their classes.

This year we have also introduced Form Captains. The Form Captain will represent their Year group and liaise closely with the relevant Yearhead.

These roles are so important for the students in Collinstown Park. Here in CPCC we promote leadership capacity among our students. They have been given a great honour and I know the students will take their roles very seriously.

Well done to all our students.

Ms Matthews


Collinstown Classes Visit New North Clondalkin Library

Over the last month, all fourth year classes had the chance to visit the new North Clondalkin Library which opened a few months ago. They were each taken during their English class by their English teacher. 

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a friendly young man who works at the library. He showed us around the library’s great facilities such as a studio, conference room, the different sections for each type of book, the computers and the lounge and study areas. 

You can borrow games for your Playstation, three at a time for free once you have a library membership which we were also offered. This gives you access to borrow books and console games, returning them after two weeks. You can use the printer, either with or without colour, costing two cents per page. There is also an extremely cool 3D printer which is open to access. 

This library is an extremely good addition to the area, especially for students. Everything there is either free or extremely cheap, and it’s also easy to sign up for a library membership card, which gives you special access to certain facilities. All you have to do is fill out an easy form. Due to its location, it is easy for people to come at any time of the day. It is perfect for school projects that need to be completed outside of school, or maybe if you’re looking for a quiet place to study. The atmosphere is relaxing and the people there are friendly.

If you haven’t yet visited, we highly recommend going as we really enjoyed our time there. It was both a fun and educational experience.

Millie Byrne and Tracey Ijezie – TY Press


YSI fundraising walk for Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

The Transition Year YSI (Young Social innovators) decided to raise money and awareness for the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre by doing a sponsored stepathon.

We aimed to get 50,000 steps each on Tuesday 19th October to raise money for the cause. Five of us took a sponsor sheet and got donations from friends, family and teachers and in total raised €245.

On the 19th October the stepathon took place throughout the school day and after school. Some friends of the main five participants came along on the walk to support the cause.

From left:
Eoin Keating, Bailey Heary,
Matthew Collins , Jessica Lynch and
Nafeesat Allison


Artist of The Month

Check out the Artist of the month outside the Art rooms. This month the featured artist is Raphael – High Renaissance painter and Architect. There is some information and examples of his work. Scan the QR code to find out more. 

Thanks to Ms Strumble for the information.