TY Enterprise Fair

The TY Enterprise class have been busy creating business plans and products over the last couple of months. With delays in deliveries, Covid 19 and Storm Barra, the class managed to get their products to market in time for Christmas. Products included scrabble frames, refillable perfume bottles, Reindeer hot chocolate, Christmas candles, decorations and sweet bags.

The traditional Trade fair could not occur due to Covid 19, so the students advertised their business through posters and email. Some businesses ran out of stock, but fear not, stock levels will be replenished in January, and they will be back open for business.

Well done to all,

Ms Jones.


Artist Of The Month

Hi all. The December artist of the Month is Pablo Picasso. He was a Spanish painter from the early 1900’s. He was famously known for his abstract painting, and he was a founder member of the Cubist Art movement. Have a look outside the Art rooms to find out more.

Ms Strumble


A Collinstown Christmas

This year CPCC is going above and beyond with festive spirit, from decorations to trees to festive music. In many corridors you’ll find decorated Christmas trees, especially at the front of the school where a huge tree is currently being decorated. You’ll see tinsel all around the school as well as themed posters.

The staff and students at CPCC have worked hard in the decorating of the school for this holiday, and deserve acknowledgement for it! With the Christmas exams approaching it’s nice to look around to a Christmas themed school, and that’s certainly what we have.

The exams start on the 16th of December and our holidays start on the 23rd, there will also be a well-being event day on the 22nd as a nice way to close off 2021. 

Ciaran Monaghan and Sean Savage – TY Press


Differential Aptitude Testing Day on Friday 17th December

RE: Differential Aptitude Testing Day on Friday 17th December

Here in Collinstown Park Community College we provide all Transition Year students with the opportunity to see what their different aptitudes are. We do this by using an instrument called the Differential Aptitude Test (DATs for short). This assessment will help your son/daughter choose which Leaving Cert programme would be the best choice for them. It will also help with subject choice for the Leaving Cert and with their future college/career choices. The DATs is widely used in many schools. This assessment will take place this Friday 17th December.

It is very important that students come to school for this assessment and stay for the whole assessmentThey do not have to study in advance, as it is an ability test, but they should get a good night sleep before the test and have a breakfast.

Your son/daughter should arrive to school as normal. They will go to Registration as normal. The test will start promptly at 9.05. They will finish the first part of the assessment at 12.15. They will then go home for a longer lunch, but they must return at 1.30pm. The second part of the assessment will finish at 2.30 approximately. Students will be free to go home at 2.30pm.

If your son/daughter cannot attend, please inform the school as this is an important assessment.

Please remember the items your son/daughter must bring on the day.

·         Two pencils

·         An eraser

·         A sharpener

·         Bottle of water

Under no circumstances should students bring with them.

·         Sweets/drinks etc.

Yours sincerely,
Ms Alison Daly.
Guidance Counsellor


Family Fun Night

FAMILY FUN NIGHT for 1st years was held on Thursday 9th December.


1ST PRIZE: Karl Whelan McManus (Amazon Kindle Fire)

2ND Prize: Holly Aherne (Voucher for Turkey and Ham and Box of Biscuits)

3RD Prize: Kirsty Cooney (Voucher for Turkey and Ham)


· Tarik Akgun

· Evan Knowles

· Jamie Kavanagh

· Erika Sheehy

· Ryan Mooney

· Cian Geoghegan

Well done to all the prize winners!


The Creative Campus Art Programme

The Creative Campus Art Programme is a project designed for students who are interested in art. This year it was based in the North Clondalkin Library. Four TY students, Jayne Higgins, Grace Shelley, Melissa Cooney and Ava Flynn Hutton are taking part in the three week programme that is held on Thursdays from 10 am – 4 pm. 

Every Thursday they do a different activity, last week on the 2nd of December they did photography and postcards. This week on the 9th they’re doing screen-printing and next week on the 16th they’ll be making sketchbooks which will be exhibited in New York. 

Thanks to Ms O’Connell for giving these four students the opportunity to take part in this art programme. This gives them a chance to express their creativity. 

Tracey Ijezie and Milie Byrne – TY Press