CPCC Aims to Achieve Travel Flag

Collinstown Park Community College are currently working on their fourth Green School’s Flag, leading the campaign to secure said flag is Ms O’Connell. While speaking to her, we learned that the school will be applying for the fourth flag in March 2022 and will hopefully have the flag by May 2022. It isn’t as easy as just applying for the flag, the school had to meet a series of criteria to even apply. In order to bring this and all of the other flags home to CPCC, the school had to have an action week to spread awareness about the environment and the true mission of Green Schools. 

As well as an action week, the school has had to show a huge change in day to day life. Cutting back on water and electricity usage was a big one on the staff’s part. While the students were encouraged to find different methods of arriving to school. Travelling by vehicle is discouraged and it is preferred that students walk or cycle to school if at all possible as this lessens the pollution in the air. 

CPCC drew up a travel survey showing the difference between commuters from 2019 to 2021. The increase in walking was 10% of commuters, while those who travelled by car went down 8%. Those who travelled by bus also went down by 2%. This is a great turnaround in just two years (which included two lengthy lockdowns where Green Schools members couldn’t keep people aware or encourage them to also make a change).

Some students live too far to walk but also want to do their part, so they cycle. With only a limited number of spots outside the school to safely secure your bike, Ms O’Connell stated that the school is in fact working on getting a new bike rack put into the school which would surely increase the amount of students cycling rather than driving. 

Getting their message across to all students is extremely important to Green School’s members and they have done great work in making an impact on the community and the planet! 

Ciaran Monaghan and Sean Savage – TY Press