TY Students Visit Bray Head

On Wednesday the 24th of November around twenty TY students went on a trip to Bray with Ms McHugh and Ms Kirwan. The group gathered at school at half 9, then once everyone had arrived they got seated on the bus and set off. 

When we got there we walked along Bray Head, a cliff along the edge of the  Irish Sea. Some of us noticed people swimming in the ocean even though it was freezing outside. It was steep at some points and it was difficult to climb. 

There were beautiful views, the entire group could see the sea, mountains and the train tracks, we even saw a seal climbing onto the rocks below us. Next we took turns to skip stones, but it didn’t really work because most of the rocks were too big and round. After this, the group walked back down the hill and were allowed to split up and go and get something to eat before we left on the bus to go home. We arrived back at the school at half two.

Kayla Desmond, Ammar Syed Shah and Oisin McGee – TY Press