TY Trip To Girley Bog

On the 6th of April, the TY students went on a bog walk in Girley Park. The students met up at school and got the bus to the bog in Scurlockstown Co. Meath. When they arrived, the students began the bog walk. The walk was long and peaceful and the students had a great time. After a while they arrived at the bog. The students jumped in to play around in the mud, they all had a great laugh. After a while they went to get changed into their fresh clothes. Once everyone was cleaned up the students continued the walk back until they got to the bus.

The bus drove the students to Supermacs to get some food to finish the day off. They all had a great time.

Millie Byrne, Alex O’Reilly & Tracey Ijezie -TY Press


Parent/Student Quiz

The Thursday before the Easter break, CPCC held a parent/student event in the school library. Teams of parents and students were made and the multiple teams engaged in a general knowledge quiz to take home the Easter prizes.

Ms Ford called out all of the questions and silence dropped each time in anticipation, as each team took the friendly challenge seriously. Some of the questions were to identify corrupted sound tracks which had a lot of people stumped in the beginning, but the teams soon learned how to identify said songs.

A photographer documented the event but the teams didn’t notice as they were too invested in the quiz, which shows what a success it was. Despite a close fight for first place between the top two teams, Team A emerged victorious and won the Easter Egg bundle to kick start the holidays in style.

Ciaran Monaghan & Sean Savage – TY Press


Collinstown Prepare For Darkness Into Light

On the 7th of May 120 staff and students from Collinstown Park will take part in the annual ‘Darkness into Light’ walk by Pieta House. This is a fundraiser to support the great work of Pieta House in helping young people who need assistance.

The t-shirts arrived this week and some of our 5th year students helped to launch our highly anticipated walk. There is a great excitement amongst all students from first to sixth year who will be taking part.


Collinstown Garden project Receives Funding

Collinstown has received funding to create a whole school creative project associated with the Creative Schools Programme, as funded by the Arts Council. The second-year student team will lead the project in consultation with the TLP 2019 staff team. The second-year team met with Ms Valerie Haslam, our Creative Associate assigned to the project, to discuss possibilities for an outdoor classroom in the courtyard.

Their first initiative is a ‘Get Creative box’ for staff and students to submit suggestions on what they would like to see in an outdoor classroom. The box is located in the main hall. The team has plans for outdoor seating, a reflective space, a mural designed by students, and much more.

The next stage will involve gathering information from students, staff, and parents on how we can be creative in our outdoor space through surveying. If any member of our school community would like to get involved in the project or offer any assistance, please contact Ms Jones at Carolannjones@Collinstownpark.ie.


Careers Event in Sports Hall A great Success

On Tuesday students from 4th, 5th and 6th year all had the opportunity to discuss careers with personnel from different companies and institutions in an event held in the Sports hall.

Students from St Kevin’s, Deansrath and St Patrick’s Cathedral Grammar School joined Collinstown Park students to talk to employers and education centres including Aer Lingus, KN Circet, Dawn Farms and Tallaght Training Centre.

It was a very well run and informative event.

Thanks to Ms Daly for organising the event.