Ms Matthews 2S History CBAs

Ms Matthews 2S history class have been busy completing their CBAs in recent weeks. Some of the projects have been assembled in a display at the entrance to the school.

The different projects contain many historical events in Ireland on exhibit neatly summed up by class 2S for their history CBAs. The facts come with artwork and pictures and you can scan your phone on QR code to bring up more information. 

One student was born in New Jersey near the site where Alexander Hamilton fought his last duel, so completed a project on that.
Another student’s relations even owned Kilmainham gaol before it was sold to the office of public works!
The display is a pleasant addition to the school.

Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs) are specific school projects that are a part of the Junior Cycle during the second and third year. The Junior Cycle usually has two CBAs.

Ammar Syed Shah & Oisin McGee – TY Press