Wellbeing Week

Wellbeing week was most welcome after the long period of being apart and keeping our distance with Covid 19. The school community celebrated by being together again and having fun through music and dance. Lots of laughs, good fun and outdoor activity was had, and it raised the spirits of the school.

Wellbeing Week kicked off on Tuesday with Samba Drumming for all second-year students. Students enjoyed the workshop as provided by Masamba school. Students got to experience a range of different musical instruments. Students played their music loudly; thanks to Jimmy, Lorcan & John for facilitating the sports hall events and setting up the rooms every day.

Students and staff participated in the Purrfect Pet competition, where everyone submitted a photo of their pet. Midas (Rhianna Higgins), Remi (Ms McEvoy), Beau (Ruby & Lucy Church), Scout & Gus (Ms Miller) and Max (Ms Mahady) were crowned winners, all receiving prizes. The video displayed a wide range of pets, from dogs & cats to snakes, spiders and horses. It was lovely to see all pets displayed in the video.

On Wednesday, TY had their colour dash run. Students ran, walked and danced through the colours of the rainbow. Also, first-year students enjoyed the silent disco, as Gluais team led the way doing the Macarena and Saturday Night, while Ms Kinsella showed us how to ‘Rock the Boat’.

On Thursday, Staff members dressed in PJs and school uniforms, while third-year students enjoyed Samba Drumming, and the fifth and sixth-year students enjoyed their turn at the Colour Dash Run. No one was safe from the coloured powder, even Mr O’Malley’s white shirt, as his fifth-year group covered him.

On Thursday afternoon, the sun shone brightly for the outdoor events. First-year, TY and Fifth-year students enjoyed the circus performance, as provided by Mr Modonesi and his superhero assistants, Dylan Melia 4D and Mr Cassidy. The crowd cheered and laughed out loud at  Mr Modonesi’s spectacular display of his circus performance. Also,  second, third and sixth-year students enjoyed the musical performance provided by Aoife O’Connor (6B), Violinist, accompanied by Mr Behan on guitar, who treated us to outstanding performance with hits from Micheal Jackson to Ed Sheeran. The crowd sang out loud to their creative musical collaborations. Next, our main event took place; Zoe Clarke, a past pupil of CPCC and superstar, performed many hits, including her latest song, ‘Do It All Again’, to an excited crowd that sang and cheered. Many thanks to our wonderful students and staff for their participation throughout the week.

Ms Jones, Ms Scully & Ms Kinsella.