TY Storyboard Film Festival Winners

In Ms Strumble’s Storyboard class and as part of Film Festival week there was a film making competition where the winners would get free cinema tickets to a movie of their choice. The competition was well received by the students and most likely didn’t even require enticement. The competition lasted a number of weeks as nobody wanted these films rushed, the results of the projects prove that to be a wise decision.

Eoin Keating, Ava Flynn Hutton and Leah Kerr Kavanagh accept their prize.

The winning film was ‘Pepi’s Adventure’ by Kirsty Ryan, Leah Kerr Kavanagh, Ava Flynn Hutton and Eoin Keating. A highly praised piece by many as it was said to be well directed, edited and thought-out. These four students earned their prize of cinema vouchers and will hopefully be granted more opportunities to showcase their talent in the future.

Ciaran Monaghan – TY Press

Ciaran Monaghan