Pocket Forest Comes To Collinstown

On Tuesday the 10th of May, TY students took part in planting trees with Pocket Forest to make our school grounds look more appealing and to help the environment. Nile Charlston was the main organiser of this programme.

All the students that took part gathered up newspaper, cardboard and water cans. We first chose a location that would suit the planting best, after that was chosen, we had to set down the newspaper, and pour water on them to keep them down and moisturised.

After the newspaper was set, we had to cover it all in cardboard before pouring all the soil down over it. After all of this, we all took a short break in the art room. Ms O’Connell served tea, coffee and biscuits for everyone to enjoy. After our short break, we all went back outside to clean up all of the excess waste to make the area clean again.

Once everything was cleaned up, some of us spoke to the other organisers about how they love helping the environment and how fun it was to visit the other schools they have also helped out at in Dublin.

Overall, the students, teachers and the organisers had a great day and love how the area is looking at the moment.

We would like to thank the organisers for helping us become more eco-friendly and for making our school more inviting. Thank you to the teachers for letting us TY students help out.

Millie Byrne, Tracey Ijezie & Alex O’Reilly -TY Press