Transition Year Graduation

The graduation ceremony for TY students took place this morning in Collinstown Park. There were speeches from the Year Head Ms Davis, a representative of the tutors, Ms McHugh and from the Coordinator Ms Kirwan. Three students; Nafeesat Allison, Keri Brazil, Abbie Clarke , also made speeches. Every student received certificates for their achievements in the year. Following awards for the Spirit of Transition Year and for the Best Folders of Excellence, students and teachers enjoyed a lovely brunch.

Folder of Excellence Award Ava Flynn Hutton


TY’s Make A Splash At Bay Sports

Most TY students went on a long bus ride to Bay Sports near the Hudson Bay Hotel in Athlone Co Westmeath on Wednesday last week. 

After arriving, everyone was quickly changed into the appropriate gear to protect them from the cold waters that day. We were then given instructions on the activities for the day and told us to stay safe because it was a windy day out.

The first activity was rowing rafts across the water, most people did fine despite the wind. Some people did get stuck and had to be pushed out. The activity did not last long as there were even more fun activities to do.

Next, everyone had to swim for a bit to get to the water park, the water was freezing cold, but the wetsuits protected us from the worst of it so nobody was dying of hypothermia!

Everyone was able to swim in the water despite the heavy wind and made it to the water park.

The few activities included climbing ropes and handles, sliding down slides into the water and jumping from a decent height into the water after climbing a wall. There were other places you could also swim to for even more fun activities.

After the main event was finished and everyone was changed back into dry clothing, we were treated to some McDonalds and Circle K. We used touch screen ordering machines to order food at McDonalds and the employees brought us our food.

Everyone had a fun day at Bay Sports despite the poor weather conditions.

Ammar Syed Shah, Óisin McGee & Ciaran Monaghgan – TY Press