It all began in June 1984 when Brian Fleming was appointed Principal of Collinstown Park Community College which was then being built with a scheduled opening date for the first Monday in September.  The school opened that year with 259 First Year students.  

Mr Fleming started off with a small group of permanent staff in that first year and Ms Ní Ghallchobhair was the first Deputy Principal.

The first Leaving Cert class graduated in June 1989 and the first Debs was on Saturday 23rd September 1989 in the Sands Hotel, Portmarnock.

Under the leadership of Mr Fleming, the staff, along with the students and parents helped the school to grow and develop in the early years. They built a very solid foundation for future programmes and developments. Today we salute these pioneers and their vision. And we say thank you.

In 1989 Collinstown Park Community College opened its doors to adult learners with a group of mature students who studied for their Leaving Certificate as part of the VTOS scheme.  Over the years the Adult Education Programme has grown hugely.

In September 1994 the Transition Year Programme was introduced in the school. This has grown and developed to become one of our flagships in the opportunities it offers to students.

1995 saw the introduction of the Leaving Certificate Applied.  The Leaving Certificate Applied goes from strength to strength here in the school.

In 2009 Ms Duffy took over as Principal and Ms Friel became Deputy Principal, she was joined my Ms McGrath in June 2021.

There have been many changes over the past decades.  But somethings remain unchanged:  The dedication of the Principal and staff of Collinstown Park Community College; The commitment of the CEO and staff of the DDLETB; and for the record, the thanks of us the students of this school – past and present.

It is difficult to capture in words the many activities and general life in Collinstown Park Community College.  In some ways, it is as Keane says.  It’s “Somewhere only we know”.