Gluais is a voluntary organisation which began in 1995. It started in Collinstown Park Community College in 1997. Gluais is a leadership training programme which was set up by Rose Dolan and a few other committed teachers to develop the leadership potential of senior students. 

In 2021 Ms K Matthews and Ms S. McEvoy took over the role as Gluais co-ordinators.

In Collinstown Park Community College there are 12 students in the group, all from Fifth Year. We have 2 members per first year class. This year we have 2 members to help the First Years in the ASD Unit.

 For the school year they work together as a group looking after the first years by settling them in and helping them make new friends. Their job is to make the first years’ transition from primary school to secondary school an enjoyable and easy one. The Gluais group also try to make the school a better place for all students.

Each year a new Gluais group is selected. This is done by filling out an application form and sitting an interview. The person who interviews the students is from outside the school and so each member is selected to the group based on their leadership qualities, interests, hobbies and overall suitability to the programme. The group went on a 3-day training session in St. Kevin’s Community College. We now hold a meeting every Thursday with Ms Matthews and Ms McEvoy.

Our Gluais members meet their classes in the mornings and during break time to build up a relationship with them. 

This year Gluais have planned  events for Halloween and Christmas. 

Gluais group 2021-2022
Gluais members: Kane Casey, Chloe Collins, Holly Dooley, Cayla Hollywood, Alex Kennedy, Niamh McCarthy, Kian O’Farrell, James Ryan, Evan Smee, Aoife Smith, Scott White and Ciara Wilson

Collinstown Park Community College is very happy to have the programme in the school and see it as being very successful. Any person that has been through the Gluais programme will tell you it’s a great experience and are glad they had the opportunity to do it. The school has had many past pupils going back each year to help out on the training programme five-day course. These people give up their own time to go back each year as they see how important it is in shaping students to become responsible role models.