The College has over 100 staff members.

Ms Pauline Duffy
Deputy Principals :

Ms Aileen Friel

Ms Áine McGrath

Assistant Principals:
  • Ms Anne Connolly
  • Ms Amanda Davis
  • Mr Walter Doolin
  • Mr Seán Flood
  • Ms Winnie Kirwan
  • Ms Cliona Mohan
  • Ms Marie O’Connell
  • Dr John O’Malley
  • Ms Denise Ryan
Year Heads:
  • First Year: Ms Cliodhna Mohan
  • Second Year: Ms Noreen Sullivan
  • Third Year: Ms Anne Marie Mathews
  • Fourth Year: Ms Amanda Davis
  • Fifth Year LC and LCA: Dr John O’Malley
  • Sixth Year LC and LCA: Ms Anne Connolly