Student Council

 The aim of the Student Council is the representation of students by students. Ms Norah Campbell assists and supports the students with the running of the Council. The Student Council comes up with positive initiatives for the school community and the development of the school.

Student Council 2018/2019

Student Council elections were held on Thursday 27th September 2018.

The following students were elected to the Student Council for 2018-2019:

First Year:

Morgan Callaghan, Akinola Adeyinka, Codie Brennan

Second Year:

Lennox Donnan, Denzel Khumalo, Cayla Hollywood

Third Year:

Katelyn Hillary, Kaci Kavanagh, Sandra Ijezie

Fourth Year:

Abbey Brennan, Adam Tiernan, Kyle Grant

Fifth Year:

Zoe Clarke, Jamie Whelan, Brooklyn Fitzgerald

Sixth Year:

Tyrone Kearns, Shannon Ryan, David Reddin