Student Council

The aim of the Student Council is the representation of students by students. Ms Norah Campbell assists and supports the students with the running of the Council. The Student Council comes up with positive initiatives for the school community and the development of the school.

Student Council 2019/2020

Student Council 2019-2020

The elections to the Student Council were held on Tuesday 24th September 2019. The following students were elected as Representatives for their year:

1st Year

  1. Callum Scully
  2. Darragh Smith Martin
  3. Lacie Dowling

2nd Year

  1. Morgan Callaghan
  2. Katie Donovan
  3. Oisin McGee

3rd Year

  1. Ryan Doyle
  2. Sophie Shiels
  3. Cian Somers

4th Year

  1. Aaron Fryer
  2. Nadine Brogan
  3. Emma Nangle

5th Year

  1. Kyle Grant
  2. Abbey Brennan
  3. Nathalia Dunne

6th Year

  1. Zoe Clarke
  2. Jamie Whelan
  3. Ryan Hooper

Congratulations to all involved