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Farewell Mr Forbes

Thursday the 2nd of September marked the final day in a storied career of one of Collinstown Park’s stalwarts – Billy Forbes.

Mr Forbes hailing from Cork has spent thirty five uninterrupted years in the school and has shaped the lives of generations of students in the Neilstown area. Billy is best known as an excellent and caring woodwork teacher but also gave a huge amount of his free time to extra curricular in the school, most notably soccer.

New teachers to the school would always find a friendly face and a supporting word of advice from Billy. The impact he has had on his colleagues over the years is immense. His quick wit and friendship will be sorely missed from the staff room.

Enjoy the next chapter of your life Mr Forbes and congratulations on a well deserved retirement.

Billy in his younger school years
Mr Forbes’ final day


4A and 4D Ceramic Bees

4A and 4D created ceramic bees in Art with Ms. Strumble and the geometric structures in Woodwork with Mr. Higgins. They look great. The last photo is Mr. Higgins’ chicken and Peacock checking out his Bee bombs which were also made by these classes. A great collaborative project between subjects.


ASIAM Online Session

Parent / Guardians are invited to a session on Wednesday 19th May @ 7 pm hosted by AsIAm – ‘Autism Awareness Session for Parents / Guardians’.  Parents / Guardians please  click here.  

For information on how to access Teams Live, click here.  

For donations to the AsIAm page click here ➡️


The Joe Biden Presidency

On Wednesday, 20th of January 2021 the US Presidential Inauguration took place. Joe Biden stepped up to the presidential podium and gave a speech, talking mostly about unity. This was a crucial moment of 2021 as it gave a ray of hope to many people, not just Americans. The States had a president who would treat the country as it should be treated, treating the people the way they should be treated. One that didn’t just see politics as business.

The states have been waiting for this for four years, as usual. However, this election took place during a global pandemic, the Covid-19 global crisis.

Joe Biden has many plans for what he’s going to do as President of the United States, planning on spending 2 Trillion USD on clean energy as his first term as President and providing health insurance coverage for 97% of American Citizens in 10 years. He will raise the minimum wage to at least 15 USD an hour and repeal “right to work” laws.

On January 14, 2021, Joe Biden announced his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus plan the American Rescue Act of 2021. On March 11, 2021, Biden signed the $1.9 trillion piece of legislation passed by Congress just days before, promising $1,400 stimulus checks, extended unemployment, a vaccine rollout, and more, all part of the promises he made in Wilmington, Delaware, in January. This rescue plan is only his first step into his overall Economic Plan.

Joe Biden has promised his country that as President he will protect and build on the Affordable Healthcare Act which is a healthcare reform signed into law by President Barack Obama in March 2010. He wants to ensure that healthcare insurance is an American right and not a privilege. The President has said that this healthcare proposal will increase the amount of Americans that have healthcare insurance from 92% to 97%. This will cost the U.S. $750 billion over the course of the next 10 years.

On Biden’s first day as President he repealed Trump’s past orders as President that weakened America’s environmental regulations and made it clear that he would treat climate change as a national priority. He halted oil and gas leasing in the Arctic and has taken away Keystone XL oil pipeline permit. Biden has also joined the Paris Agreement (an international treaty on climate change) which the former president Trump backed out of at the start of his term. President Biden’s “Clean Energy Revolution” will invest $2 trillion, which will create millions of jobs for Americans. This plan will also spend $400 billion annually on clean energy research and improvement, ban offshore drilling for oil in the arctic, gas permits on public land and lastly reduce the carbon footprint in the electric power industry by 50% by 2035.

Joe Biden managed a very successful Vaccine rollout, which had reached around 100m people, nearly 30% of the country itself.

Joe Biden’s plans for the Future

Provide health insurance for 97% of Americans in 10 years.

Raise an additional $4 trillion in tax revenue to 39.6%

Taxing capital gains at ordinary rates, and raising the corporate tax rate to 28%.

Forgive student loan debt and make college free for those making up to $125,000.

The minimum wage was set to $15 an hour.

Expand “Buy American” policies through government purchasing, while using subsidies, federal matching, and incentives to make American products more competitive.

$1.3 trillion was invested  in the infrastructure over 10 years.

Spent $2 trillion on clean energy during his first few months as president.

Joe Biden has said he wants to make college tuition free for those who earn up to 125,000 USD and attend two/four-year public colleges or universities. He will fund this by repealing the excess business losses.

Lorcan McGee, Stephen McDonnell, Alex Martin – TY Press