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Gaisce Award Winners 2020

The award ceremony took place on Thursday for the 2020 recipients of the Gaisce President’s Award. In total thirteen students received awards with ten bronze award winners and three silver award winners.

The range of student activities was very varied this year as mentioned by Principal Ms Duffy when she spoke to the group at their socially-distanced award ceremony. St John Ambulance, Swimming, Chess Club, Song Writing and Choir were just a few activities that our Gaisce students took part in over the last academic year. Congratulations to all recipients of the award.

The Award Winners this year were:


Tori Gavagan Doyle 
Emily Conway
Leah Gavagan


Nadine Brogan
Ross Dillon
Rhianna Higgins
Alicia Loftus
Amber Lilly Maher
Emma Nangle
Conor Nolan
Evan O’Flaherty
Alisha White
Jessica Dunne


TY Storyboards Bring Colour To Collinstown

The TY students of Collinstown Park collaborated with their art teacher Ms Strumble to create storyboards and bring some colour to the school. The students made their own mosaic tiles and glazed them. Each piece of art is based on the student’s identity in the school.

If you want to see TY’s amazing and creative artwork it’s located in the main entrance in the hall.

Some TY students made a basketball to show their love for sports. Each piece is individual and really colourful. They bring everyone a bit of cheer when they come into school in the morning. To each student the artwork has its own meaning, it express what their love and interests are and how they see things from their point of view.

Chloe Behan and Alex Martin TY Press


Stand Up Awareness Week

The Stand Up week is a time for youth groups, youth services, and youth reach centres to stand against homophonic, biopic, and transphobic bullying. It’s a chance for them to make schools a safe and supportive place for LGBTI+ students. It is unacceptable that one in five young LGBTI+ people face bullying. You must know it is not your fault you’re being bullied, nobody has the right to bully you. If you are being bullied, tell a parent or a teacher, anybody who can help. Bullies can have a very big impact on your self-esteem. You can sign up from the 16th – 20th November  

Stand Up awareness week also helps young people understand their feelings. Coming out can be very scary for some but the most important thing is to take your time, there is no reason to be under pressure about making decisions like this.

Throughout the years Ireland has changed a lot. More people are openly LGBTI+ who live happily and fulfilled lives with their long-term relationship partners. Irish human rights laws mean that LGBTI+ people now have the right to equality and cannot be discriminated against.

Being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender is just as normal – and wonderful – as being straight.    

In my opinion it’s hard for people to come out to family or friends. I recently found out about my cousin being in the LGBTI+ community. I was shocked at first but now I know how it feels to be part of that community.

The most important thing to know is you’re not alone.

Chloe Behan and Alex Martin – TY Press


Dublin Zoo Faces Mammoth Difficulties

Dublin Zoo is currently closed down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The zoo has said they need over €500,000 for the zoo animals’ food costs. They will have to permanently close if they do not receive emergency funding. The lack of visitors to the zoo has dried up all revenue streams leaving it in a precarious position.

During the week a campaign was launched in the media and on online platforms. The campaign raised over €1.1 million in donations over the course of two days!

The facility, which opened in 1830, is closed to the public during the pandemic, but must still meet the cost of feeding and upkeep of the animals, which runs to about €500,000 a month. It announced the launch Monday for #SaveDublinZoo appealing to the public and to the government.

Helen Clark-Bennet head of the African Plains section of the zoo says that the loss in  revenue streams from gate receipts and on site sales has amounted to €8.2m due to the pandemic.

Following the appeal, over €2 million in donations were raised for Dublin Zoo and the government has now stepped in. Ministers Darragh O’Brien and Malcolm Noonan welcomed the €1.6 million in funding, which was secured last night to help secure the immediate future of Ireland’s zoos.

Lennox Donnan – TY Press

Lennox Donnan – TY Press


Christmas Wreaths Bring Festive Cheer to Collinstown

On Wednesday a group of our teachers (Ms Kirwan, Mr Higgins and Ms Rooney) organised for us to make Christmas wreaths. We made the wreaths out of coat hangers, newspaper, wrapping paper, Christmas baubles, and tinsel. It was really fun to do this with our friends instead of having a normal Wednesday in school!

We made the Christmas wreaths by bending our coat hangers into the shape of a circle and wrapping them with newspaper and then Christmas wrapping paper. After that we wrapped it in tinsel and then decorated it with Christmas baubles and ribbon. 

Some of us brought our wreaths home and some left them hanging in our class. We had a lot of fun making the wreaths and we want to say thanks to all our teachers who set it up for us. 

Sarah Tracey – TY press

Sarah Tracey – TY Press