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Leaving Cert Result Day

Leaving cert result day is always a special day for students. It is the culmination of their time in second level and marks a new beginning. Today was no different in Collinstown Park as our former 6th year students received their results surrounded by their friends, family members and teachers.

We would like to wish all our former students all the best as the set out on the next course of their life. They will always be welcome to drop by and let us know how they are doing.

Below are just some of the happy students as they collected their results this morning.


6th Year Graduation Night

On Friday evening the CPCC class of 2022 had a graduation ceremony in the sports hall. The event was attended by members of the students families and their teachers.

Principal Ms Duffy
Year Head Ms Connolly

Aoife O’Connor began the evening with a beautiful violin solo as the class entered the hall. Speeches from principal Ms Duffy and Year Head Ms Connolly were preceded by the awarding of certificates.

Aoife O’Connor

Awards which were kindly sponsored by Tower and Rowlagh Credit Unions were awarded to the following students.

Male student of the year: Karolis Pocius

Karolis Pocius

Female student of the year: Sandra Ijezie

Sandra Ijezie

LCA male student of the year: Culann Doyle Farrell

Culann Doyle Farrell

LCA female student of the year: Kaci Joyce

Kaci Joyce

School ambassador: Jamie Behan

Jamie Behan

Emma Nangle then spoke to the gathered crowd about her and her classmates experience in Collinstown. There were laughs and tears and everything else in between.

Emma Nangle

Alicia White, Amber Lilly Maher and Aoife O’Connor ended the night with a fabulous version of ‘Slipping Through My Fingers’.

Alisha White & Amber Lillie Maher

Congratulations to all the students who graduated from Collinstown Park in 2022 and best of luck in the Leaving Cert.


Third Year Ecology Experiments

On Wednesday the 18th of May the three third year classes carried out science experiments for their ecology course. They collected data on the different species of plants and insects that live/grow on our school grounds. They used a key to identify them.

The ecology experiment will count towards the students final grade for their final exam in June. Thanks to Ms Mulholland for the pictures and information.

Kayla Desmond – TY Press

Kayla Desmond


6th Year Graduation Day

Today is graduation day in Collinstown Park. We bid farewell to our graduating Leaving Cert and Leaving Cert Applied students. Themorning ceremony took place in the Sports Hall and was attended by all 6th year students and teachers. A breakfast was celebrated after in the gym.

Sixth Year Class Of 2022 Memories

Well done to the winners of the subject awards and school culture awards.


TY’s Make A Splash At Bay Sports

Most TY students went on a long bus ride to Bay Sports near the Hudson Bay Hotel in Athlone Co Westmeath on Wednesday last week. 

After arriving, everyone was quickly changed into the appropriate gear to protect them from the cold waters that day. We were then given instructions on the activities for the day and told us to stay safe because it was a windy day out.

The first activity was rowing rafts across the water, most people did fine despite the wind. Some people did get stuck and had to be pushed out. The activity did not last long as there were even more fun activities to do.

Next, everyone had to swim for a bit to get to the water park, the water was freezing cold, but the wetsuits protected us from the worst of it so nobody was dying of hypothermia!

Everyone was able to swim in the water despite the heavy wind and made it to the water park.

The few activities included climbing ropes and handles, sliding down slides into the water and jumping from a decent height into the water after climbing a wall. There were other places you could also swim to for even more fun activities.

After the main event was finished and everyone was changed back into dry clothing, we were treated to some McDonalds and Circle K. We used touch screen ordering machines to order food at McDonalds and the employees brought us our food.

Everyone had a fun day at Bay Sports despite the poor weather conditions.

Ammar Syed Shah, Óisin McGee & Ciaran Monaghgan – TY Press


Pocket Forest Comes To Collinstown

On Tuesday the 10th of May, TY students took part in planting trees with Pocket Forest to make our school grounds look more appealing and to help the environment. Nile Charlston was the main organiser of this programme.

All the students that took part gathered up newspaper, cardboard and water cans. We first chose a location that would suit the planting best, after that was chosen, we had to set down the newspaper, and pour water on them to keep them down and moisturised.

After the newspaper was set, we had to cover it all in cardboard before pouring all the soil down over it. After all of this, we all took a short break in the art room. Ms O’Connell served tea, coffee and biscuits for everyone to enjoy. After our short break, we all went back outside to clean up all of the excess waste to make the area clean again.

Once everything was cleaned up, some of us spoke to the other organisers about how they love helping the environment and how fun it was to visit the other schools they have also helped out at in Dublin.

Overall, the students, teachers and the organisers had a great day and love how the area is looking at the moment.

We would like to thank the organisers for helping us become more eco-friendly and for making our school more inviting. Thank you to the teachers for letting us TY students help out.

Millie Byrne, Tracey Ijezie & Alex O’Reilly -TY Press