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Collinstown students make the Times!

Katelyn Hillary and Natasha Wall, first and fourth year students in Collinstown Park Community College have today had short stories published in The Irish Times.

Their stories are included as part of the Fighting Words supplement which highlights the creative talents of young writers around the country.  In total, twenty one stories are published and students overcame a long selection process to make the final list.

Inspired by war poetry studied in English class, Katelyn’s story focuses on two days in the life of fictional soldier Thomas Delaney during World War One. The vivid imagery and language used throughout is very advanced and creates a fascinating insight into the life of a soldier at the front.

Natasha’s story is an extract from a longer story titled ‘M’dear’. Her story is set in America’s deep south with a strong focus on issues of race, morality and family. The full story will be available as part of Transition Year’s upcoming novel ‘What’s the stories?’ which will be released next month.

Congratulations to both Katelyn and Natasha. This is a huge honour. Keep writing!

You can find the supplement in today’s Irish Times.




Student Writers Wanted! Competition Time

Immrama in association with the Lismore Festival of Travel Writing and Aer Lingus are running a writing competition and if you are between the age of 13 and 18 you are eligible to enter.

Students from across Ireland are eligible to enter and if you win you will receive a brand new iPad mini and a  €100 voucher for Amazon.  Your story will also be featured in Cara magazine which is on all Aer Lingus flights.

All you need to do is write an 800 word story about your favourite air journey and where it took you.

If you would like any more details or help with editing your story please contact Mr. Dowling.

The closing date is the 20th of May, so don’t delay and get writing today!

You can enter your story on the following link –




Transition Year – Future Learning A Great Success

Friday brought an end to the week long Future Learning module for Transition Year students in Townsend Street, Dublin.


Sixteen students from Collinstown Park spent the week in College House with twenty one students from IES Cristóbal de Monroy Secondary School in Sevilla. The week involved a cultural exchange between the Irish and Spanish students. They got to know about each other’s countries and what school is like. The Collinstown students also got a chance to develop their IT, editing and videography skills.


The week concluded with the students taking part in a vox pop with people along Grafton Street discussing Irish myths and legends. Their interviews were then edited and short professional films were produced.


Most importantly of all, the students had a fantastic time and made lots of new friends. They have kept in contact with each other via social media and there are even talks of trips to Sevilla over the Summer!


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Transition Year – Future Learning

This week a group of sixteen Transition Year students are taking part in a Future Learning   week long module, in College House Dublin.

The Future Learning module  involves a cultural exchange through the medium of digital media with twenty-one  students from Cristóbal de Monroy Secondary School in Sevilla.

Today students were paired up in groups of three or four and combined to produce a digital presentation of various well known Irish Legends such as Tír na Nóg and Molly Malone.

The group will continue this interactive and fun module until Friday. On Friday they will produce and perform using digital media a presentation of the 1916 rising.

























Collinstown Chess Team Victory


Collinstown’s Chess team played their first tournament of the year today (Friday) as they made the trip to Riversdale Community College in Blanchardstown.

The format of the tournament was a team of twelve from Collinstown versus a team of twelve from Riversdale. There were three rounds played on a league basis with two points for a victory, three points for a checkmate and one point for a draw.

The top four after the first three rounds  from Collinstown played the top four from Riversdale in the quarter finals. Jason Quinn, Megan Smyth and Keith Hogan all qualified for the Semi-Final. After a tense battle, the final pairing of Keith Hogan and Jason Quinn was decided which was an all Collinstown final.  The First Year student Jason emerged victorious.  He was delighted with the win, especially as he only began playing chess this year.

A big thanks to Riversdale who hosted us today and supplied lots of pizza and also medals for the players. Also a big thanks to all the senior students who acted as referees and score keeper.











1S Oral Communication English Project

As part of the English course in first year, the class of 1S read the book The Outsiders by S.E Hinton. After we had finished reading it, our English teacher Mr. Dowling assigned a project based on the book. As part of the project we got into groups of two and three and then had to give a presentation based on a topic connected to the book.

The options we had to choose from were:  1) S.E Hinton, 2) Greasers, 3) Tulsa Oklahoma, 4) America in the 1960s and 5) The Outsiders.

We had a week to research the topic we chose using the school’s iPads. We also went to the computer room to print pictures and type up the information that was gathered. We had the choice of giving a PowerPoint presentation or by using a poster.

After we had finished preparing all the groups presented their project to the class. The posters were then placed on the wall of the English classroom.

It was a very enjoyable project and we got to improve our research, writing and speaking skills.


By Katelyn Hillary and Aoife O’Connor – 1S