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Transition Year Graduation

The graduation ceremony for TY students took place this morning in Collinstown Park. There were speeches from the Year Head Ms Davis, a representative of the tutors, Ms McHugh and from the Coordinator Ms Kirwan. Three students; Nafeesat Allison, Keri Brazil, Abbie Clarke , also made speeches. Every student received certificates for their achievements in the year. Following awards for the Spirit of Transition Year and for the Best Folders of Excellence, students and teachers enjoyed a lovely brunch.

Folder of Excellence Award Ava Flynn Hutton


Successful mentoring program with Circet

On Tuesday 17th May eleven sixth year students from Collinstown attended their final mentoring session in the offices of KN Circet in Cloverhill. The program, run by Business in the Community (BITC), matched eleven students with eleven staff members of Circet. Over two years, despite all the difficulties with the pandemic, students and mentors continued to meet. At the last session all participants agreed that it had been of great benefit.

Ms Connolly, the Year Head and Dr John O’Malley, the program coordinator, expressed thanks to all the mentors and in particular the CFO Eamonn O’Kennedy and Laura Mitchell who have organised and given huge support to the program in Circet. Also there to receive praise and thanks from everyone involved was Andrea Lazenby Simpson who is the BITC coordinator.

Collinstown Park looks forward to continuing this excellent program.


Good news from our Datacenter Graduates

Meet Lou: Graduate of Collinstown Park Community College’s Datacenter Academy.

Lou Scout Morrissey is an outstanding example of what it means to follow your dream!

We are so proud of them in Collinstown Park and hold huge admiration for the journey they continue to travel in order to rise in their successes and meet their many goals.

Meet Lou; Data Center Technician, member of Glamazon, Women@Amazon & founder of the PwD Dublin group, the first People with Disabilities affinity group in Ireland.

Link to Lou’s full story:

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