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Second Green Flag

Collinstown Park celebrated getting it’s second Green Flag on Thursday 16th November.  There was a Flag raising Ceremony with invited guest Ms Órna Delahunty, a well loved recently retired teacher of the school who had championed environmental issues in her time.

The students involved in the Green School campaign, along with the three hardworking co-ordinators; Ms Marie O’Connell, Ms Norah Campbell and Ms Winnie Kirwan were present on a sunny afternoon where the flag was raised outside the main building.


RTL students visit Trinity College

On Friday 10th November the Return to Learning class visited Trinity College.  They had a guided tour of the college and  got to see the Book of Kells and the Long Room Library.  They also had a quick look at the modern college, lecture theatres and the library, followed by a warming cup of coffee to reflect over what they had seen and heard.


School Talent Show

On Friday 27th October there was a talent show for all students in the Assembly Hall which was attended by students from First and Second Year. It was a fantastic end to term and had students from every year display their talents.

Well done to all the amazing acts that took part including a violinist, an Irish dancer and lots of very talented singers.

The winners were as follows:

First place –       Anita Ikharo        6th Year
Second place – Shannon Ryan    5th Year
Third place –      Kadie McEneff   2nd Year

There are more images and videos on the school Facebook page


3J Action Project

On Thursday, October 27th class 3J took part in their CSPE Action Project. The focus of the project was Stewardship and it culminated in a school service project.

Throughout the last six weeks the students have been involved in making preparations for the service day, making presentations to First Year students about the importance of respecting the school, developing promotional posters and researching the broader Tidy Towns movement across Ireland.

The focus of the project was to bring awareness to the fact that we all have a role in improving the environment and that it is our shared responsibility to make this world a better place.


Green Schools Water Forum

Reporter: Craig Morgan of Transition Year

Green Schools Water Forum

On the 18th October myself, Ms O’Connell, Kevin Dunne, Kirsty O’Toole and Wiktoria Manika went to Stratford College, Rathgar to attend a meeting about the Green Schools Water Forum.

We were there with four other school groups and the students of Stratford College. We learned about many things including water usage, water audits and leak tests.

Ways to conserve water usage

  • Only boil as much water as is needed
  • Apply hippo bags to all toilets
  • Turn off all taps after use
  • Make posters about saving water
  • Put notices above all water taps and fountains
  • Inform all students about how to conserve water
  • Fix all leaks in the school
  • Put up posters all around the community about conserving water
  • Install water-saving taps in toilets and urinals
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • School build (sensor urinals, smaller cisterns or dual flush)

Virtual Water

The amount of water embedded in food or other products needed for its production.

  1. Cup of coffee = 140 litres of water.
  2. 1kg of beef = 16,000 litres of water.
  3. 1kg of rice = 3,000 litres of water.

Water Experiments

We also blew up two balloons and filled one with water. We put a lighter under them. The balloon with water didn’t burst but the balloon filled with just air popped nearly straight away.

We did many water experiments including tasting different types of water even though they all looked the same. We put cans of soft drinks like Coke, Diet Coke, 7Up Free and Fanta into a bucket of water and guessed if they would float on the top or sink to the bottom.

 3rd Year of Green Schools Ambassador Programme

  • The programme is free, will focus on the water theme and is open to all years and Green Schools that are on or have completed the water theme.
    • Training days will be held nationwide in November 2017
    • Support sessions will be held at the beginning of March 2018
    • School Visit
  • Participating second level students will attend a one-day workshop that will include:
  • Speakers in the field of engineering
  • Talks from Green-Schools and Clean Coasts programmes
  • Water-related activities
  • Field trip to wastewater or water treatment plant


LCVP Class visit in

On Wednesday 25th of October Jamie Goonery, owner of Insanity Fitness, came in to speak with the  6th year LCVP classes.

As part of the LCVP programme students organise speakers from different professional backgrounds  to give an insight into their career.

Jamie gave an excellent presentation on his role as a Personal Trainer and as an entrepreneur with Insantity Fitness.

Students must now complete a summary report for their LCVP portfolio.

Ms Jones, the co-ordinating teacher, said: “Well done to the students for organising this visitor to our classroom.”


Adult Student Graduation 2017

On Thursday 19th October Collinstown Park celebrated its adult graduates in a ceremony where the students received their certificates.

Graduating students and their families and friends were present to hear speeches from two of the graduating students, Ramona Jurchescu and Ciara Hayes followed by a commendation from the Head of Adult Education in the school Enda Kenny.  Pauline Duffy, the school Principal, closed the ceremony by lauding the support of the students’  family and friends, acknowledging the hard work of the tutors and above all recognising the hard work and achievement of all the students.  The evening was closed by Kathleen Campbell who had co-ordinated the event.  All visitors were invited to enjoy refreshments afterwards.



Gaisce trek

On Friday 20th and Saturday 21st October a group of 5th Year students took part in the adventure journey segment of their Gaisce Bronze Medal award. Ms Minnock and Mr Dowling accompanied the group on their trip.

They stayed at the An-Óige Youth Hostel in Glendalough. With the help of two guides, Trisha and Terence, they climbed two mountains taking in some beautiful views in difficult underfoot conditions.

The students will now receive their Bronze medal for completing the Gaisce programme. Well done to everyone involved.