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Inspirational writing

Every so often as teachers we are bowled over by a piece of student work. Ms Tobin’s third year English students were asked to write a poem about facing a challenge. This is one of several excellent submissions:

Pandora’s box. 
The gods had crafted her from clay, 
Using the fire of Prometheus to bring her to life. 
She was betrothed to Epimetheus whom she swore not to betray, 
She promised to be the perfect wife. 
See Zeus hated both Epimetheus and Prometheus due to their kind hearted nature,
But he knew he could use Epimetheus and his love for Pandora.
Their love had put her and the world in danger, 
Zeus had a much bigger plan than to give them flora.
Pandora’s vice was simply her curiosity, 
It tended to get the better of her most times. 
The gift was given with hidden animosity, 
The simple box if opened would cause major crimes. 
Pandora along with her curiosity lacked self control, 
She opened the box as the gods had planned. 
The moment the lid opened she had doomed hers and many others souls, 
Fear,death and worries came pouring out of the box on command. 
Like the box we all struggle with containing our emotions, 
But deep down a sprinkle of hope lies, 
Whether or not we struggle with loneliness or self loathing, 
Just like Pandora we continue to try. 

Leah Kerr Kavanagh


Online Careers Fair

CAREER PATH EXPO is a virtual education event that will enable second level students and school-leavers to gather information about their options after they leave Collinstown Park. This would be of particular interest to our fifth and sixth year students. It is free.

It is being run on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday evening 10th and 11th March. There is a wide range of information available. For more details go to the Guidance page on this website or follow the direct link here for the Eventbrite booking details.


School emails

Some students have experienced difficulties in accessing their emails or Teams this morning. We are working on the problem.

If you reset your password this year, please try the default password you were issued with at the start of the year.

If you cannot find that, please send a message to your Year Head using Edmodo.