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Collinstown Open Evening A Great Success

There was a large turnout at the Collinstown Park Community College open evening that was held on Thursday evening. Parents and guardians from the area visited the school and were guided around the building by the helpful students and staff.

Each subject department was given the opportunity to highlight the great work that takes place in their subject. The different programmes such as JCSP, CAN, NBSS and many other had stands in the main hall where the programme coordinators explained to parents and future students everything that they can expect when they join the school.

There was many highlights but in particular the students who stayed back to showcase the school must be commended. Thanks to the management, teachers and all the staff who made the night the great success that it was.


Open Evening Thursday

Collinstown Park Community College will hold the annual Open Evening on Thursday the 22nd of September from 6pm – 7.30pm.

The management, staff and students will host parents and future students to the school and there will be presentations and tours around the building. We look forward to welcoming all visitors on the evening.


5th and 6th Year Students Visit Trade Skills Ireland

On Tuesday thirty eight 5th and 6th year students attended the World Trade Skills Ireland in the RDS.

Worldskills Ireland is a partnership between enterprise, industry, education, training and government that raises the profile and recognition of skills and apprenticeships and prepares the talent of today for the careers of the future.

Students watched the skills on show, tried new skills and listened to qualified tradesmen and tradeswomen tell their story. 

Thanks to Ms Daly and Mr Harpur for organising the visit.


TY Students Visit Causey Farm

On the 7th of September 2022 the Transition Year students participated on a school outing to Causey Farm, Co. Meath. We went on this trip as a bonding experience, this helped the students build a connection with their new classmates.

The students departed at 09:30 and arrived at 10:20. The Causey Farm chaperones split the students into groups and they went off and did different activities. First, the students tried to crawl through small tunnels and went on swan boats, some of the students even jumped in the lake. The students enjoyed getting into swan boats and having to work together and pedal. 

At lunch time the students made pizzas from scratch using an assortment of ingredients. They had to use flour ,water ,yeast and salt to make dough.Once it was ready it was enjoyed by all the students who had earned themselves a nice treat for lunch. 

Causey Farm has a selection of animals that the students were allowed to interact with. After painting the students were able to pet and hold puppies and rabbits, while also being able to touch a horse and alpacas. The students enjoyed seeing animals they don’t usually see. Once all the students had a chance to interact with all the animals in this area they went off to another area where they got to try and catch chickens. The students also assisted the Causey Farm chaperone with feeding the animals. The students got to pet all kinds of animals, like horses and donkeys. They also got to view llamas, alpacas, cows, sheep and even a camel. Many students also enjoyed playing with the Farms sheep dog with a football.

The students all had a great time and experience in Causey Farm and enjoyed activities with friends and classmates. All the students didn’t want to leave the farm due to the amount of fun they had together. Even when it was lashing rain everyone was running around together, there was nothing but smiles and laughter from the Transition Year students.They all recommend this trip for other year groups as it will teach them how to become friends with people you wouldn’t usually talk to. It steps you out of your comfort zone and shows that you can do a lot more than you may think you can.

Alex O’Callaghan, Jack Luby, Sophie Walsh and Cian Burke – TY Press


Community Care

Scoil Mochua came to join the transition year students as part of their Community Care module today. Scoil Mochua is a local school which caters for students with physical disabilities. The students enjoyed getting to know one another and played a number of board games together.

Thanks to Ms McEvoy for the information.