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School emails

Some students have experienced difficulties in accessing their emails or Teams this morning. We are working on the problem.

If you reset your password this year, please try the default password you were issued with at the start of the year.

If you cannot find that, please send a message to your Year Head using Edmodo.


Podcast Review: ‘Dark Snow & Emma’

Below is a review by TY student Chloe Behan of the RTE Documentary on One ‘Dark Snow and Emma’. Chloe completed the review as part of Ms Kirwan’s library class.

The link to listen to the documentary is

What I learnt from the podcast is that humans are the cause of climate change. We are the reason our planet is falling apart. Thousands of people have suffered from all the floods that have been happening due to the ice sheets melting, coastal towns in Europe are seeing more and more flooding due to the Greenland ice sheet melting. In Bangladesh houses have been raised seven and a half feet and toilets in schools have been raised up to stop flood water getting in, so that it can’t overflow and spread diseases. A group of Bangladeshi women made a chart/diagram with information about how these floods have made things a lot harder. That are practically social scientists and are using this information in response to climate change.

What I also learnt is that Antarctica is the biggest ice sheet and Greenland is the 2nd biggest, it is 700miles across and 1,500 miles long. Greenland’s ice sheet is shaped like a dome. In order to see how fast the ice is melting they drill a hole in the ice about 95feet, aluminium pipes are then attached together and pushed down the hole, they leave about 5 feet of pole sticking out, they mark the pole and put a flag on it. They come back a year later and see how far it melted and where the pipe is.

The melting of the ice sheet effects us all, just because we cannot see it, does not mean it is not happening.

Chloe Behan


1st Years Art Work On Kindness

1st Year CSPE students were tasked with creating a poster that illustrated what kindness meant to them. The results were fantastic as you can see from the small selection shown here- unfortunately, we couldn’t show them all.

Well done to our Fantastic 1st years. We really do have amazing, kind, and generous students here in Collinstown Park Community School.

Thanks to Ms Strumble for the fantastic pictures and information.