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Tayto Park Positive Behaviour Trip

On Friday 19th May, First, Second and Third students and their tutors and Year Heads went to Tayto Park in Ashbourne on a Positive Behaviour trip.

Students and teachers had a great time and it was judged as the highlight of the year by many students. The photos below show some of the attractions.


Sixth Year Geography Study Trip

IMG_0548 Sixth year students with their Leaving Certificate teachers went to Wicklow for their Study trip. This is part of their Leaving Certificate program and the project forms some of the overall marks in their Leaving Certificate Geography course.  No student fell into the river although some got very wet.  A great day was had by all.

IMG_0528 IMG_0563 IMG_0560 IMG_0549 IMG_0534 IMG_0532


Glanmore Foods

IMG_6715The fifth year LCVP students visited the Glanmore Foods factory on Monday 7th March.  Glanmore supply all our school lunches and school lunches to many schools around the country.  The trip was organised by a committee from the LCVP classes.

Students found the trip very interesting and they have a heightened appreciation of all the work and care that goes into making their lunches.  The students are preparing a Summary report on their visit which forms part of their Leaving Certificate portfolio.


Fighting words

image (1)Mr Dowling’s 2O English class attended a creative writing workshop on Monday the 7th March. It was facilitated by Fighting Words who were founded by celebrated Irish writer Roddy Doyle. 

The experience was a very enjoyable one as a group dialogue exercise was followed by individual story writing. Under the watchful eye of very helpful mentors each student was able to use the dialogue exercise to create their own stories. 


At the end of the session each student had the opportunity to read their stories aloud to the rest of the group. This experience will strongly help 2O’s creative writing in the future.


3E visit Store Street Garda Station

IMG_1346Third year students, as part of their CSPE course, organised a visit to Store Street Garda Station with their Tutor Ms Rainey and their Year Head Mr Reilly.  They were shown all around the station by Chief Superintendent Patrick Leahy.  They saw the interview rooms, medical centre and the cells and talked to a number of Gardaí about their work.  Students found the trip really interesting.  Now they just have to write up their reports!