Green Schools

YRE Transition Year Group 2016-2017









Transition Year students are participating in

YRE (Young Reporters in the Environment) January – March 2017

1. Day of Action – Clean up Neilstown Road

2. Primary Sc. Poster Comp

3. 1st Year Poster Comp.

4. Write a report for competition.


YRE Action Day clean up of Neilstown Road- March 2017
















Litter Squad October 2016





Pedal Power Lab- May 2016

Paul Finch is an artist who did a pedal power workshop with all 1st years on 17th May 2016.

Using machines made from recycled things, Paul demonstrated producing power with a pedal bike. He uses old bits of  bicycles, washing machines, motors, pumps, fans etc, He manually operate machines without using electricity, that power a fan, lights, a water-pump and a blender. He finished up by making smoothies, all done with pedal power.

We hope to make students aware of the energy needed to work our electrical appliances in the hope that they will become more aware of conserving energy.

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Bin It Road show-Thursday 22nd  October 2015







May 2014

We received the 1st Green flag for Recycling & Litter & Waste. Our aim is to reduce litter and encourage proper recycling.

We are doing the following:

> Recycling bins are in each classroom & offices

> Signs on the bins identifying suitable recycling items – paper, card, plastic bottles and aluminium cans.

> TY students take responsibility for emptying the Recycling Bins

> 1st & 2nd Years form a “Litter Squad”

> 1st Years had the “Bin it Roadshow” – this is a campaign on disposing of litter properly and related issues.

> We participate in the National Spring Clean annually.

> Battery recycling box in the main hall.

> Students attended a workshop and made Christmas cards from recycled materials.

> Form links with North Clondalkin Tidy Towns