Transition Year Presentation

On Monday 28th May Collinstown hosted the Transition Year Presentation.

The MC for the evening was Zoe Clarke who did a great job entertaining the audience. Students were recognised for their engagement and contribution to Transition Year.

Awards were given for Attendance  and the  Best Folder of Excellence.  The premier award  was called the Spirit of Transition Year.  There were four winners: Zara Byrne, Lee McDonagh, Zoe Byrne and Lauryn McEvoy Smith.

Lauren Hunter was also recognised for her work in TY assisting Ms Kinsella.

Following the formal ceremony there were refreshments and parents could wander around looking at the display of students’ work.


Graduation Evening 2018

On Friday 25th May 2018 Collinstown Park formally marked the graduation of the class of 2018.  In a ceremony in the school Sports Hall the graduates were presented to their parents and teachers and received their Graduation Certificates.

The Annual Student of the Year awards were presented; Gavin O’Reilly and Michaela Higgins were the LCA winners.  At LC, the nominees were Craig Keogh, Josh McGeown, Bartosz Suwala, Aaron Sweeney and Corneille Tembe (Male) and Chloe Bailey, Sarah Dunne, Megan Fogarty, Anita Ikharo, Shannon Murphy, and Jasmine O’Brien (Female).  The winners were: Anita Ikharo and Bartosz Suwala.

The School Ambassador nominees were: Tegan Dunne, Niamh Dunphy, Michaela Higgins, James Leeson, Lauryn McCarthy Purcell and Christopher McMahon.  The winner was: Tegan Dunne

The evening was hosted by Stella Nkanu, Chairperson of the Student Council.  Megan Fogarty delivered an Address on behalf of the students. Gifts were presented to the tutors, year head and the school on behalf of the class of 2018.

Ms McNamee, the Year Head, finished the evening with a speech reminding the students of their six years in the school and wishing them, on behalf of the school, every success and happiness in the future.


Morning Graduation Ceremony

The class of 2018 celebrated their graduation from school with a ceremony this morning.  Later in the evening there is a formal Graduation involving students and parents.

The morning event was just for teachers and students.  Students walked into the event to a standing ovation from their teachers. There were awards for the Student of the Month and  Attendance.  The Microsoft Awards for Excellence were given out with the big prizes going to Anita Ikharo and Amber Bradford. The Sports Award was presented to Corneille Tembe while the Culture award went to Deborah Reddin.  The Stock Exchange Investment Award was won by Craig Keogh. For the full list of prize winners see the photos below.

Following the awards students and teachers enjoyed a hearty breakfast to set them up for the day.


JCSP Awards Ceremony

On Tuesday 15th May our Third Year students were presented with their final JCSP profiles in a school ceremony attended by the students, their parents, Ms Davis the JCSP co-ordinator, Ms Mohan, Third Year Head, Ms Duffy, Principal and Ms Friel, Deputy Principal as well as many of their teachers.

Ms Monaghan conducted a short prayer service and Ms Kinsella and the school choir accompanied the service.

These profiles detail their achievement over the three years of their course.


Tayto Park trip for Prizewinning students

On 16th May over 130 prizewinners of the Microsoft Datacentre awards and some lucky teachers went on a trip to Tayto Park.

A great day was had by all participants. The sun shone down on them and the Rollercoaster was undoubtedly the most popular attraction.

A big thank you to Microsoft Datacentres for sponsoring the awards.

Some pictures:


Microsoft Excellence Awards Ceremony

May 9th 2018: following the announcement of the Microsoft Awards we held an awards ceremony in the school this evening for the first winners.  Over one hundred and forty students reached the standards set for the first Microsoft Datacentres Excellence Award.  They were presented with their certificates and a voucher.  Ten of these students won a special prize for their contribution on the subject of citizenship. All students also won a day out in Tayto Park.

It was a great evening; Cathal Murphy and Jonathan Haverty of the Microsoft Datacentre spoke about the possibilities for the students, emphasising the key qualities and skills needed for the workplace.

Principal Ms Duffy also congratulated the winners of the Academic Awards and Student of the Month Awards who were also present on the evening.

Winners of the top awards for Excellence were:

First Year Courtney Whelan McManus Cian Somers
Second Year Sophie Smith Katelyn Hillary
Third Year Amy Emmett Lucas Church
Fourth Year Luke Murphy Wiktoria Manicka
Fifth Year Nadine Church Lee Barrett

A full list of the winners will be available below the photos.


Collinstown Receives Community Empowerment Fund Award from Microsoft

May 8, 2018  

We recently received a €12,500  award from the Microsoft Community Empowerment Fund to support a Student Award Programme. The Award Programme will be used to focus students on five important attributes promoted by Collinstown Park Community College among its students, attributes also sought by Microsoft when recruiting and hiring datacenter employees. Students will monitor their own excellence in attendance, punctuality, uniform, homework and behaviour utilising a self-monitor card. The goal of the programme is to improve these five key attributes and develop skills that will benefit students for the rest of their lives and will transfer into the workplace.

“Collinstown Park Community College is delighted to receive this award from Microsoft”, said Pauline Duffy, College Principal. She added: “We look forward to celebrating the success achieved by our students as part of this Student Award Programme. We wish to acknowledge the generosity and support of Microsoft.”

John Hardy, Datacentre Operations Manager, Microsoft Corp said: “Microsoft is pleased to partner with Collinstown Park Community College and support this Student Award Programme. Helping students develop skills and behaviours that will help them be better students and prepare to be great employees will pay dividends for the students, the school, and the entire community. The Microsoft Community Empowerment Fund awards are an important way for the company and our employees to contribute to stronger, more resilient communities.”

The Community Empowerment Fund, created and managed by Microsoft’s Datacenter Community Development team, is designed to support community-led and prioritised projects, increase collaboration among contributors and award recipients, and develop ecosystems that help deliver common community priorities. Through this approach, Microsoft hopes to achieve long-term, systemic, and holistic outcomes in the communities in which it operates.