A Great Day Out At Explorium

Last Wednesday our TY Group visited the Explorium – National Sport & Science Centre in Sandyford, Dublin. In my opinion it was the best trip yet, and I’m sure some would agree. We started our day off with a long trip up to the picturesque Sandyford when we arrived to the Centre. We had to wait at tables before we were ready to start out trip. The worker came and took our bags and coats and we were ready to start. The first room we went to was called the lightening room.

After the lightening room we were free to go and go to all the activities they had which included an anti-gravity room which was crazy fun. Others included a wheelchair maze and a race track and all sorts of science-y stuff which we all enjoyed. Once we were done that we went to go rock climbing which was quite tough but it was really fun everyone loved it except Alex who was too scared to jump off. After that we left and we ate our lunches on the bus home.


Callum Murphy TY Press


Collinstown students now know how to vote

In a  great democratic exercise Collinstown students participated fully in the CPCC Mock Election 2020.  With the guidance of their  teachers, they moved from awareness raising of issues, reminders of how the PR voting system works to canvassing, posters, stickers, lollipops and early morning reminders.  No student could have been unaware that there was going to be an election.

This Monday morning and early afternoon students came from their classes and cast their votes. The Student Council staffed the polling station and made it simple and fast for students to vote. They used a ballot paper that has the same format that  will be used on  Saturday.  They voted for their preferred candidates, most of them going all the way down to number 12.  The count was conducted by fourth years who are now masters of the intricacies of the single transferable vote.

Well done to all involved for their hard work and dedication.  Some photos below of the day.


Collinstown Election results

Students voted this morning and this afternoon.  The results were counted by a team led by Mr Flood, Mr Doolin and a trained team of fourth years.

Mark Ward was elected on the first count

Gino Kenny was elected on the second count

Peter Kavanagh was elected on the seventh count

Eoin O’Broin was elected without reaching the quota.

Detailed results can be seen HERE


Get ready to vote

The canvassers have been around.  The posters are up.  Time to make up your mind.

Students will be called to the Polling Centre (Assembly Hall) on Monday to cast their vote.

They need to know who they are voting for.

Bring your Journal as your polling card and a pen to fill in the voting paper.


Play it again Sam

Well done to our first year student Sam Mulvaney on his recent success as part of the Round Towers under 12 hurling team that won the hurling championship. He starred in midfield in the final against Kilmacud Crokes.

He was also named player of the year for the same team, which is a fantastic achievement.

Below Sam is pictured with his Year Head Ms Matthews.



Collinstown Basketball Reaches New Heights – All Ireland Beckons

The U19 Basketball Team will attend the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght on Thursday the 30th of January in search of a place in the All Ireland Final.

After coming through their regional playoffs following the Dublin victory in December the team could potentially play the quarter-final and semi-final back to back if things go their way.

The team will not be looking past their quarter final opponents Schoil Mhuire Mullingar and after only one defeat throughout the year so far the team should be optimistic of continuing their magnificent run.

Best of luck to Mr Higgins, Ms Kirwan, Ms Clarke, Sean Kennedy and the team on Thursday. You have made the school proud so far this year regardless of the outcome.

Pictured below are some photos of the recent playoffs held in Collinstown which qualified them for the quarter final.


Transition Year Trade Fair Is a Great Success

On Friday last, Ms Jones’ TY Enterprise class held a Trade Fair during the morning classes. Students from every year group got the opportunity to attend the event and there were some great products on sale.

One group were selling custom made hair brushes and hair combs, once you selected your item they then printed your name on the brush free of charge. An excellent idea.

Another great product was the picture frame stall ‘You’ve been framed’ that sold picture frames with motivational quotes displayed.

Among other great items were the key ring stall, the sweets stall and the relaxing mist spray stall.

Congratulations to Ms Jones and all the TYs involved for running a great event.


Girls’ Football Returns to Collinstown

As is the case every year the girls’ teams do not usually get their fixtures started until after Christmas. It has been a long couple of months of organising matches and training for Mr Cassidy and Mr McKiernan. They will play three games over the course of seven days.

The first game was last Thursday at home against Kishoge Community College. There were nineteen players to choose from which is a great turnout for any team. By the end of the game every player had got to play and despite a disappointing result the players were delighted to be back playing.

Amy Byrne, Lucy Church and Haleigh Thompson were the leaders for the team and helped the first and second years throughout the match with encouragement and support. Mr Cassidy said after the game that he was “delighted that everybody got to play and I am looking forward to the next few matches”.

Girls’ teams can often be hard to put together as interest begins to wane in second level. It is hoped that the girls’ football team continues to grow from strength to strength and encourages other teams to form and participate. Well done to all who represented the school yesterday.

Collinstown Squad:

Sophie Smith, Lucy Church, Kaci Joyce, Kiah Fitzpatrick, Haleigh Thompson, Sophia Regan, Alannah Dalton, Kaci Dardis, Ellie Kavanagh, Aoife Keogh, Leah Bailey, Jade Glennon, Amie Russell, Naomi Tshilos, Nafeesat Allison, Abbie Bell and Danielle Ryan.