Basketball Goals For The Year

Last year the U16s boys’ team were the most successful team in Collinstown Park history. This year most of the team has progressed to the U19s team, however the attitude of the group has not changed. The team’s goal this year is to succeed in making it past the semi-finals and hopefully take home the cup.

So far both teams have started off strong even though the U16s have lost their first game but the U19s have started off as good as they could have, with a 56-18 win over King’s Hospital.

The U19s have improved a large amount from last season with all their players improving in skill, endurance and technical ability. Their key to winning this season is to be able to move the ball up and down the court as fast as possible and to also trust each other on the ball to score points.

The U16s, however, are a new team who haven’t had a lot of experience with playing as a team and playing in matches. They are very determined to win and succeed. They try hard in training to improve their abilities in the game.

Overall, both teams have the ability to do very well this season and maybe even win the cup. The teams are made up of:

U16 Team

Cian Norman, Josh Collins, TJ Bambrick, Eoighan Barry, Jonathan Peppard, Onesime Tembe, Kyria Tembe, Nathan Brogan, Liam Bailey and Emmanuel Bonkole.

 U19 Team

Dylan Downey, Harvey Killeen, Conor Nolan, Jamie Smith Oliver, Cian Smith, Rokas Galinauskas, Anthony Emmett, Kyria Tembe and Eoighan Barry.

Rokas Galinauskas and Conor Nolan (TY Press)





Sixth Years prepare their own book on Macbeth

On Thursday 12th October the 6th year Higher Level English Class presented their wonderful Macbeth book to the Principal Ms Duffy and their Year Head Ms Kirwan. This book was a task undertaken to bring their study and learning to the fore. The class are studying the Shakespearean play Macbeth for their Leaving Certificate under the direction of Ms O’Mahony. The students were delighted with how professional their work had turned out and we wish them the very best with their studies.


Further Education students go scavenging in the Phoenix Park

Further Education students in Collinstown Park had a welcome break from classes this Thursday morning when the FE department organised a scavenger hunt in the Phoenix Park.

Groups of FE students were to be seen photographing themselves with deer or dogs, asking bemused cyclists to pose with them, seeking an elusive beer keg or the Phoenix Monument.  Students having been tasked with photographing themselves with an animal; one intrepid group – the eventual winners – photographed themselves with some of the zoo’s lions.

A very enjoyable morning was had by students and staff, finished off by a picnic at the Pope’s Cross car park.  Well done to all.


Basketball Success

On Tuesday 25th of September Collinstown Park CC hosted King’s Hospital in U16 and U19 Boys Basketball.

The U 16 Boys started their game well and led at half time but King’s came back strong in the second half and went on to win the game. Credit has to go to the spirit and dedication the players gave throughout the game.

The Team consisted of:

Cian Norman, Josh Collins, TJ Bambrick, Eoighan Barry, Jonathan Peppard, Onesime Tembe, Kyria Tembe, Nathan Brogan and Liam Bailey.

The U 19 Boys gave a world class demonstration of talent and skill. They went ahead early and never gave up their lead. They were gracious in triumph and ran out winners 56 points to 18 points. Well done to them all.

The Team consisted of:

Dylan Downey

Harvey Killeen

Conor Nolan

Jamie Smith Oliver

Cian Smith

Rokas Galinauskas

Anthony Emmett

Kyria Tembe

Eoighan Barry






Student Council Elections

Student Council elections were held on Thursday 27th September 2018.  The elections were supervised by Ms Campbell, Student Council Facilitator, and 4A1 class organised the voting and counting.

The following students were elected to the Student Council for 2018-2019:

First Year:

Morgan Callaghan, Akinola Adeyinka, Codie Brennan

Second Year:

Lennox Donnan, Denzel Khumalo, Cayla Hollywood

Third Year:

Katelyn Hillary, Kaci Kavanagh, Sandra Ijezie

Fourth Year:

Abbey Brennan, Adam Tiernan, Kyle Grant

Fifth Year:

Zoe Clarke, Jamie Whelan, Brooklyn Fitzgerald

Sixth Year:

Tyrone Kearns, Shannon Ryan, David Reddin


First Year Treasure Hunt

First Years took part in a Treasure Hunt this week to help them find their way around the building. There was lots of competition between the groups, who were accompanied by their Fifth Year mentors. The students did a great job finding the answers to the clues and there were even prizes for the first team back with the correct answers.

Second place prizes of extra homework were due to be collected at Ms McNamee’s office at 3.30…… but surprisingly no one turned up to collect them!



Transition Year Trip to Monaghan

On September 6th to 7th 2018 Transition Year students of Collinstown Park Community College went on a camping and activities trip in Tanagh, Co. Monaghan. Some students camped outside in tents and some stayed in the big house. All together about eighty students went on the trip. On the first day the group arrived before lunch time.

After the students got put into their rooms they ate the lunch which they were asked to bring. Following the lunch break they were split into groups to do activities, the students were allowed pick their own groups so everyone had all of their friends in their groups. Exciting activities such as canoeing were planned for the day. They left the grounds at at 1:30pm to go to the river where the canoeing took place. Some of the students who were asked said the canoeing was “a great experience” and it was even followed by a jump off the dock into the river. Everybody took part and had fun.

When the students got back to the grounds they did a slip ‘n’ slide activity. The slip ‘n’ slide is a sheet of tarp on a slope that measures about 100m long. Paul (one of the staff members) covered the tarp in water and soap, the students had wet-suits on, even some of the teachers took part!

The night time activity was a walk around the forest and there were some fascinating facts about the history of an old building there. Finally, to end the night the students and teachers all headed down to the dining room and took part in karaoke.

Before they returned home the next day all the students went into the forest and completed little activities in groups. These included activities called Minefield and The Leaning Tower of Tanagh. When all the activities were completed the students were allowed to jump into the bog! It was a fun day for teachers and students.

On returning home everybody said it was a great overall experience and that they would love to do it again and even go for longer.

Mckayla Costigan and Kyle Grant.


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