Table Quiz for Adult students

On Thursday 1st December Adult students had the opportunity to take part in a table quiz.  There was representation from nearly all the courses.  The quiz focussed on the senses and there were visual, taste and smell rounds. It was a very enjoyable morning for all involved.  The winning team were from the Business Administration course, pictured here having a cup of tea with their prizes.






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Transition Year students celebrate the benefits of further education, as part of College Awareness Week 2016.

Transition Year students celebrated College Awareness Week by taking part in various events throughout the week. They created College ID cards and investigated their future careers. Students also got to look at college and PLC prospectus. Two UCD students visited the school and spoke to some of the students.

The school was delighted to be part of a nationwide campaign to promote the importance of post-secondary education. There are lots of options out there and College Awareness Week encourages people of all ages to consider further education to be part of their future.

College Awareness Week aims to inspire and inform all students about the importance of having a post-secondary education plan. It advocates for students to have the choice to pursue the course best suited to their interests, abilities and future plans, whether that is a PLC qualification, an apprenticeship or a university degree.

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Adult Students Graduation night

On Thursday evening 17th November 2016 well over 100 students turned up to collect their QQI Certificates and formally graduate from the school.  They were formally congratulated by the Head of Adult Education  Enda Kenny and the Principal Pauline Duffy.  One of our Nursing Graduates Marc O’Reilly gave an address on behalf of the students, thanking on the students’ behalf, the tutors, management and in particular their families for all their support and help over the year.  Kathleen Campbell co-ordinated the event and laid on refreshments for the graduates and their families in the school afterwards. The Refreshments were very kindly provided by Glanmore Foods, suppliers to the school.

Formal pictures of the groups are also in the Adult Education  section of the website in the Gallery section.

Youth work and Social and Community Care

Return to Learning and ESOL

Nursing and Healthcare Assistant


FIT Childcare Year 1

Childcare class Year 2DSCF7362


Development Education TY students working with Maynooth University

On Wednesday 16th November 10 TY students led a workshop on Global Poverty for PME students in Maynooth University as part of a longer three-day Development Education programme the Education Department runs every year. The TY pupils were able to demonstrate what Development Education really means and how best to teach it in an active, pupil-centred way.

The buzz among the  university students after the pupil-led sessions on the Wednesday was amazing and they began to realise the capability, passion and sense of justice among the young people they worked with that day. They could see too how well teenagers can be trusted to lead learning rather than be led.

A day enjoyed by all involved.

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French play for Collinstown Park CC students

On Monday 14th November the French students in the school attended a French play by the actors from French Theatre for School. The students and teachers found it very entertaining and interactive. The actors were very funny. Thirteen students had small parts in the play and they were excellent. A very entertaining afternoon was had by all.

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Fifth Year Geography Students visit Arigna Mines

On Friday 11th November some Fifth Year students went on a geography field trip to Arigna Mines in Roscommon with their Geography Teachers Mr Cassidy and Ms McVeigh, and their Year Head Ms McNamee. Students got to see the clothes they wore, some of the tools they used and some pictures from the past. They then met their tour guide. Some of the tour guides are former employees of the mine which closed in 1990. He showed the students the stalactites and stalagmites. He also showed them the tunnels they had to work in and the carts they used to transport the coal out of the mines. Nearing the end of the tour he showed the students what it was like when there was an explosion and how dark it was. The conditions were terrible. The men had to work in darkness, dampness and in wetness. The field study was to help the students understand human interaction with the rock cycle.