Chess Club

For the second year running in Collinstown there is a chess club running at lunch time. The chess club runs every Wednesday in the library.

This year like last, it has proven to be hugely popular and there has been a great number of new players. We are currently beginning our in house chess league and regularly have mini-tournaments. Matches against opposition chess teams will be taking place after mid-term.

It is open to players from all year groups and all levels. If you are an expert and would like to play against the best chess players in Collinstown Park C.C you are more than welcome. If you have basic skill levels or perhaps have never played before you are also more than welcome.

The club consists of students from all year groups and from beginners to veterans.

One of our expert students will show you the basics from identifying each chess piece to basic strategy and ultimately how to play an effective endgame.


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Glasnevin Cemetery- Tour Guiding Programme

Twenty-six Transition Year Students visited Glasnevin Cemetery and Museum on Wednesday 8th February to take part in its Tour Guiding Programme. This unique programme is designed to give students a sense of the real experience of working in the tourism industry by training them in the fundamental skill of presenting to an audience as a tour guide. The programme helps to develop the student’s skills in public speaking and research, in a manner that is aimed at building their self-confidence in dealing with members of the public.

The Transition Year Tour Guiding programme involves two trips to Glasnevin Cemetery.

On today’s visit, students were given a presentation by John, one of Glasnevin Cemetery Museum’s tour guides on the tourism industry, the golden rules of customer service and the skills needed to research and deliver a tour.

On the second visit the students step into the shoes of the tour guide and present to their class at the grave of one of the many historic figures buried in Glasnevin Cemetery.

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National Concert Hall trip

Fifth and Sixth year students recently had the chance to hear one of their Leaving Certificate works performed.  They went to the National Concert Hall to see a live performance of Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet.

nch 1 jan 2017




Egg Babies Return

Well done to the TY students who completed all challenges during the last five days with their egg babies.

Here are a few of the tasks they completed. Students had to leave their egg baby with a baby sitter while they were on work experience, complete a shopping list, take care of them while sick, host a tea party and take them out on a Sunday trip.

Enjoy a small selection of photos of their experiences.


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TY- Egg Babies

On Thursday  2nd February Mr Reilly at the TY Assembly set his Transition Year Students a challenge. For the next five days  they must name, feed, socialise, clothe but above all PROTECT their egg baby.

Each student was given an Egg Certificate for their egg baby and a list of challenges for each day.

It will be monitored through Edmodo, where students will have to upload photos of their egg babies.

Good luck everyone and we will let you know how the TYs got on next week.







Student of the Month-December/January

The following students have received the Student of the Month Awards


1st Year  

Jonathan Peppard

Nathan O’Farrell

2nd Year

Conor McCormack

Mark Dunne 

3rd Year

Ryan Hooper

Caitlyn O’Reilly


Robyn Strickland 

5th Year

LC Chloe Brady

LCA Gavin O’Reilly


1st Year

Sandra Ijezie

Cian Norman

Saoirse Murphy (Academic)

Rhianna Higgins (Academic)


2nd Year

Ngozi Vine

Abbey Turner

Aria Disney (Academic)

Jamie McCarthy (Academic)


3rd Year

Zara Byrne

Zoe Clarke

Sophie Collins (Academic)

Ashley O’Reilly (Academic)



Erin Lovett

Nicole O’Brien (Academic)

5th Year

LC Niamh Ennis

LCA Shauna Brady

Shannon Murphy (Academic)

Shauna Brady (Academic)

IMG_1518 IMG_1519


St Brigid’s Day

February 1 is the feast of St. Brigid, often called the Mary of the Gael. Brigid’s life was a remarkable one and the places in Ireland associated with her are scenes of pilgrimage throughout the year.

The religion department in  the school today set out to make St Brigid’s crosses. As the shamrock became associated with St Patrick, a tiny cross made of rushes was linked with St Brigid. Supposedly woven by her to explain the passion of Christ to a dying pagan.

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Third Years- Romeo and Juliet

On Friday the 20th of January students from 3W, 3L and 3O English class attended a performance of Romeo and Juliet in conjunction with The Gaiety School of Acting and The National Theatre School of Ireland.

The setting for this performance was Smock Alley on Exchange Street Lower, the oldest Theatre Royal in Ireland.

The students of each class thoroughly enjoyed this contemporary take on William Shakespeare’s classic. The students are studying this play as part of the Junior Cert course and found it to be very beneficial as the words on the page came to life in this excellent performance.

After the performance there was an hour long ‘Q&A session’ with members of the cast, in which they discussed various themes, issues and scenes with the students.

A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by students and teachers alike.