Halloween Comes To Collinstown

Over the week, several teachers and students took the time out of their day to decorate the school with Halloween decorations. There are bats and spider webs on the walls and there is a witch stirring a pot outside Ms Kirwan’s office. They made the TY block look all nice and spooky. As it gets closer to Halloween we’re all excited to see if more decorations are going to be put up around the 4th Year block and the rest of the school. It gives the students something to get excited about during these tough times!

Ms Kirwan bought bats, pumpkins, lights and a big halloween globe with Halloween-themed items in it. Ms Kirwan, Ms McDonnell and students from Ms Jones’s class (4C) spent Tuesday afternoon decorating. It makes the corridors spooky and cheerful for Halloween. The next day the students who had Wednesday at home came back to a Halloween-themed TY block. We all can’t wait to see what Ms Kirwan has up her sleeve for more Halloween fun MUHAHAHA….

We would like to say thank you to Ms Kirwan for all the lovely decorations, it makes our day a little bit easier and it brightens our day.

 Sarah Tracey, Alex Martin and  Jakub Szoldra – TY Press

Jakub Szoldra – TY Press
Alex Martin – TY Press
Sarah Tracey – TY Press


Minecraft Dungeons – A Review

Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon crawler version of the biggest, best-selling game on the planet. It can be played with up to four-player local or online co-op. It can be played on several different devices, including PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft Dungeons – Official Artwork

It is a story about a homeless Illager named Archie, who is rejected by everyone he meets. One day, he stumbles upon a powerful artifact known as the “Orb of Dominance”, which grants him great power in turn for complete obedience. The power-hungry “Arch-Illager” then seeks vengeance on all those who wronged him and soon subjugates the world with his new army, raiding villages, forcing villagers to work as slave labor, and leaving only chaos behind. It’s now up to the player to stand up to the Arch-Illager’s tyranny and become a hero in order to defeat him and save the world.

The gameplay of Minecraft Dungeons is phenomenal, with different gameplay mechanics from the base game. It includes many different weapons, such as swords, axes, spears, maces, bows, crossbows, and many more! There are many enemies to fight in the game, familiar ones, and new ones you haven’t seen. The levels get more difficult as they go and you get better gear as you get through levels. Your main goal is to reach the Arch-Illager and defeat him to win the game. To do this, you must power through levels and one wave of enemies after another.

Our experience playing Minecraft Dungeons was amazing, the gameplay was fluid and smooth, and the story of the game fits very well with the gameplay. The mechanics also worked well with the game and the controls decent and easy to remember. The game itself was also fun to play with friends. The design of the game was astounding, making every different level more interesting than the last, such as the dark greens of the Creeper Woods and the contrasting red and blue glow of the Redstone Mines. It was truly one of the best-looking games I’ve ever played. However, we don’t play games for how they look, we play them for fun.

The fun we had while playing this game was great, we (the writers of this review) were playing it a few days ago and we had lots of fun, killing enemies and getting new gear. It’s easy to remember, easy to understand, and very easy to control. We loved having to work together to defeat certain enemies and levels, and to overcome difficulties such as bosses like the Redstone Golem.

Nothing felt like it was unfair or buggy, it was a very well-made game that focuses on making you, the player, feel great. Phenomenal.


One thing I love about this game is that it doesn’t matter if you’re playing with friends or on your own, you’re still going to have fun playing it. I’ve had experience playing alone and with friends, and both are great experiences. Alone, the experience is easier and calmer, because you are just one person. With friends, there are more enemies for you to power through because there are more of you, and the difficulty has to be raised. This is a fair and easy fix to the multiplayer problem that many games still have.

Overall, Minecraft Dungeons is a really good game and is lots of fun whether you are alone or with friends. You’ll have fun playing this game, no matter what age you are.

Lorcan McGee and Stephen McDonnell – TY Press

Lorcan McGee – TY Press
Stephen McDonnell – TY Press


Do you have what it takes for the Student Council?

The elections for the student council are coming up soon, three students will be elected in each year making a total of 18 students in the council. The student council is where students can have their say on issues that affect them in the school, and where they can put forward ideas on how to improve the school for all students.

Some of the issues the student council brought up in the past have been successful such as the renovation of the toilets and getting students a morning break for all year groups.

This year’s election will be different considering Covid-19. The elections will be held online to ensure social distancing. Every tutor class will nominate two students if possible, one girl and one boy.

Please email Ms Campbell stating the class name and names of nominees before 4pm on Monday 12th October. The student council is organised every year by Ms Campbell and this year’s elections are run by Ms Campbell and Mr Doolin.

Ben Simpson, Lennox Donnan and Ciara Wilson – TY Press

Ciara Wilson – TY Press
Ben Simpson – TY Press
Lennox Donnan – TY Press


Transition Year Celebration Of Exam Results

On Thursday the 1st of October in the afternoon after doing the CAT4 assessments, all the TY classes had a party to celebrate their Junior Cert results. All the classes had pizza and sweets. We also did a quiz. We split up into groups of four and competed against each other in two quizzes. There were ten questions in each quiz, and the scores were added up for both quizzes for the final result. The second round was about the teachers and there were ten facts on the quiz and we had to guess which teacher it was. It was really great fun as we got to talk and sit with our friends and do no work.

The TY Year Head Mr O’Malley and TY tutors Ms Kirwan, Mr McDonnell, Mr Dowling, Mr Lannigan, Ms Clarke and Ms Jones organised the event. They thought it would be good for us as Covid-19 prevented us from going out with our friends on the day we got our results. They were very thoughtful for organising this event for us. It was also because Covid is preventing us from going on trips and was also a substitute for that.

Everyone had a wonderful time and had really great fun. 

Stephen McDonnell, Chloe Behan and Jessica Vickers – TY Press

Stephen McDonnell – TY Press
Chloe Behan – TY Press
Jessica Vickers – TY Press


Sixth Year Students of the Month

Our sixth year students, who have had a rocky road in the last year, have settled back in to the world of Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied. Ms Mohan, their Year Head asked all their teachers to nominate students who were outstanding in their work and attitude.

The nominees were:

Leaving Certificate Applied: Conor McCormack, Jamie Doyle Moss, Peter O’Neill, Samad Allison,Hannah Corcoran, Abbie McDade, Justine Power.

Leaving Certificate: Keith Carass, Killian Kinsella, Zaryab Hassan, James Gallagher, Davin Fagan, Ben Palmer, Emmanuel Bankole,Eoghain Montaine Barry, Emily Conway, Jessica Dunne, Jodie O’Reilly, Ceili Smith Dunne, Leah Byrne, Tori Gavagan Doyle, Nadia Seery, Mark Dunne and Hannah Ingram.

The winners were:

Leaving Certificate: Aria Disney and Rokas Galinauskas

Leaving Certificate Applied: Jamie Courtney and Zoe Loftus

Congratulations to all those students. Next month there will be an extra category for Most Improved Student.


Transition Year Garden Project

On the 23rd of September 2020, two classes (4A and 4C) from Transition Year went to work on the school garden to make some improvements after a long lockdown! We achieved quite a few things in it that day, a couple of students went to get the paint off the wooden boards with sandpaper and others went to dig up weeds and plant vegetables. The two classes started tending to the garden, because this time around in 4th year we have no trips and usually in 4th year students do fun things every Wednesday, due to the Covid-19 pandemic this isn’t possible. Working in the garden is a nice compromise. We of course still need to put lots of work in to make it look presentable and additional items such as benches and tables may need to be replaced, but we got off to a great start and most of us had fun doing it. 

In the garden, we used gloves, trowels, shovels and we had lots of fun. The classes had to fix up the benches and tables, and pull the stubborn weeds from the ground. This will allow us to start planning to plant new plants. It was lots of fun, but tiring work. We then started to fix the murals on the walls as they were beginning to look quite worn from the weather.

In the last of our efforts, we took a break, while some others kept digging up weeds and painting. It was a nice day out, at the time, the sun blazing throughout the afternoon sky. At the end of the day, a lot had been done, but a lot more was required to be done if we were planning to replant the garden, to make it more energized and less overgrown. The people involved in the garden were 4A and 4C, including the wonderful writers of this report!

Jakub Szoldra, Lorcan McGee and Alex Martin – TY Press

Jakub Szoldra – TY Press
Lorcan McGee – TY Press
Alex Martin – Ty Press