Enterprise Club

Enterprise Club 2015 – 2016

The First Year enterprise students had a very busy year.  Each student worked tirelessly creating a quality product for sale for the Christmas market. Some students worked in groups while others worked individually and gave their company a catchy name. Some even created their own website! Products made included: Personalised Frames, Button Art, Sweet Treats, Reward Me Charts, Handmade Decorations and Book Hogs.

Students continued to boost sales by selling their products at school and in the Community.  To our delight an article was published in the Clondalkin Echo about our enterprise clubs in Collinstown.  Meanwhile students needed to work hard to produce a business report, detailing all aspects of their company and product.  They needed to include a marketing plan and financial report too.  The annual Student Enterprise Awards took place in IT Tallaght on Friday 4th of March. A great day was had by all. All students presented their business concept to a panel of judges.  Two awards were received by two of our companies: Reward Me Charts & Ben & Shanes Frames.  Ms McNamee and I were so proud of all of our enterprise companies.  They represented our school very well. We look forward to another year of continued success at the Enterprise Awards

2016 – 2017 News

Some new members, some members returned for another year.

Trade Fair Preparations

The Enterprise Club students are busy making their final preparations for the Trade Fair in school on Wednesday 7th  December.





Report on the Christmas Trade Fair

On Wednesday 7th December the Enterprise Club held a very successful Trade Fair.  Many of the businesses sold out.  Among the products offered were:

Stress balls         tradefair stress balls


Reward charts            trade fair reward chart

Cakes (delicious) and competitionstrade fair cake and fundraising

Cake mixture and Hot Chocolate mixture (with instructions)

tradefair cake mixture

And of course, given the season, Reindeer Food

tradefair reindeer food

All students as well as Parents and Teachers were able to visit and purchase.

The Enterprise Club go into Action

On Saturday 21st January  the Enterprise Club had the opportunity to sell their products in The Square in Tallaght.

Students received high praise from customers for their products and colourful display. The Reward Charts, Cookies and Hot Chocolate were selling at a fast rate!!

Their Mentor, Ms Jones, was delighted with their success but commented that “Given the amount of work that they had put into the products they deserved their success”

Square Square 2 (1) Square Square 2 (2)

Students selling their products to shoppers in The Square.

The Enterprise Club’s next step is the South Dublin Enterprise event.