The library is open during the school day for library classes, and after school for all students to use. There are over 9000 books (and dvds/CDs/magazines etc), and these can be borrowed to bring home.

Ms Ford is the full-time school librarian. You can contact her here:  Twitter: @collinstpklib

Ms Fords Virtual Library

Digital Library

All students have access to the Digital Library, even when school is closed!
If you need your login details, please email Ms Ford

 – Instructions – 
– Go to
– Click on ‘Find My School’
– If you don’t see the school, just click on ‘My school isn’t listed’ at the      bottom of the screen.
– Type in ‘Collinstown Park’ and when it appears choose this is ‘This is my school’
– Enter your ID and Password. This is the same for both. It is the code I have given you.
– EXAMPLE: ID Number: COL.4614
– Password: COL.4614
– Make sure COL is in capitals both times.
– To access the books you’ve borrowed, just check your ‘Shelf’. You will see an Icon for this at the bottom of the screen, just right of centre.

Happy Reading! Any questions? Email Ms Ford

Jigsaw’s Read Your Mind

The Jigsaw Read Your Mind project offers a catalogue of book suggestions across 14 different topics. These cover things like anger, self-esteem and bullying. You can borrow these books for free at participating libraries. If your local library is not participating in the Read Your Mind project, you can still ask if they have a particular book. If they don’t have it in stock, they may be able to order it in. You can view the catalogue online or copies are available through Jigsaw in Dublin 15, South West, North Fingal, Offaly, Donegal, Limerick along with secondary schools, and community groups in the local areas.