The Role of the Chaplain in CPCC

chaplaincy1The Chaplain works to promote the moral, spiritual and personal development of students.  This involves bringing a ‘faith-presence’ to her role in the school.

The service offered by the Chaplain is student based and follows through to home and family life particularly with regard to illness, bereavement and loss.

Space and time to relax, reflect and pray are offered by the Chaplain.  The Chaplain’s Office and Prayer Room are among the facilities available for Chaplaincy activities.

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care of students ranges from being there for students in times of bereavement, loss or illness to providing opportunities for meditation and days of reflection. 

Supporting students in building resilience and being a listening presence, particularly around exam time or other occasions of anxiety or stress, is a further dimension of the work of the Chaplain.

First Year Students

chaplaincy4The Chaplain works closely with all First Year students to help them settle in and to support them as they move through First Year. The Chaplain meets individually with students and provides ongoing support to those who are struggling in any way.

Gluais Mentoring Programme

The Chaplain is assisted by Fifth Year students who have been trained in Gluais. These students mentor the First Year classes and provide student leadership.  They work regularly with the First Years in groups and are a supportive and encouraging presence.

Prayer Services

Providing leadership in prayer and worship is a central element of the Chaplain’s work.  All students take part in a wide variety of prayer and liturgy.  Formal and informal prayer is encouraged. All year groups are invited to take part in Prayer Services throughout the year to mark the different seasons and special occasions of the Church Year.


chaplaincy2Some year groups take part in Retreats or Days of Reflection thus building students in their ability to reflect, make good decisions and deepen their prayer life. These days usually take place away from the College thus enabling students to step back and identify their priorities, their values and mark out their path in life.


Each year group has the space to learn the skill of meditation and reflection.  This is approached from a relaxation perspective and is an opportunity to deepen the experience of prayer.