Guidance and Counselling


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Support your child in school – If you would like to find out more about supporting your child please go to the parent’s page and find out about supports you may find useful to help your son/daughter through these challenging times.

Please note that Pearse College will be holding a virtual Enrollment morning this Wednesday. 24 February from 9am-11am.

Prospective students must express an interest by applying for their chosen course via; they will then be sent an individual time and zoom link. 

From sports and psychology to architecture, business and pre-apprenticeships, there are so many amazing courses starting this September at Pearse College of Further Education – including University Access courses in the Sciences, Engineering and Arts

Our virtual Enrolment events will be taking place monthly, the first being on the 24 February, the second being on 11th March. 

The Guidance and Counselling Department Guidelines for engaging with counselling support while working remotely.

It’s important to remember that we can still provide support for our students while working remotely.

· If our students have previously been engaged in counselling support they will be contacted by the counsellor, they previously attended.

· If a student is in need of support they can self- refer by contacting the guidance department by sending an email to the counsellor assigned to their year group.

· A parent/guardian may refer their son/daughter by contacting the year head via email.

· A parent/guardian will be contacted by a member of the guidance department (by phone or email) if parental consent is required. As calls will come through on private numbers and parents may not pick up from these unknown numbers a text may be sent to parents from the school to inform them that a member of Collinstown staff will be contacting them via a private number.

· Students may receive counselling support by either phone or online (face to face). Parental consent will be sought for this. The counsellor will explain the requirements for working remotely and the limitations.

Roles and Responsibilities within The Guidance Department (Jan 2021)

First Year – Ms Kathleen Kinsella / Ms Ciara Moran

Second Year – Ms Ciara Moran

Third Year – Ms Densie Waters

Transition Year – Ms Denise Waters

Fifth Year – Ms Ciara Moran

Sixth Year – Ms Denise Waters/Ms Alison Daly

Vocational Guidance – Ms Alison Daly

· Ms Kinsella provides triage and is the initial contact for first years being referred. Ms Kinsella will refer first years on to Ms Moran if required. Ms Kinsella will continue providing support to some student from other years.

· Ms Moran will provide NBSS support and counselling support all day Monday and Thursday and Friday mornings.

· Ms Waters will provide counselling support on Monday and Tuesday, all day.

· Ms Daly will provide vocational guidance to all and counselling support for some students she previously worked with.

Guidance Counsellors

Students meet with their guidance counsellor to discuss their plans for further and/or higher education and entering the world of work.
The guidance counsellors work with students to:
    •  Help them make appropriate subject choices;
    •  Prepare for interviews;
    •  Make applications and prepare personal statements;
  •  Complete interests assessments and psychometric testing so that the students are best informed when making these major life decisions at such a young age.

 Personal Counselling

If members of staff feel that students would benefit from additional support, the counsellors are available to students who wish to discuss certain issues e.g.

  • Academic issues (studying etc.)
  • Socialising with others
  • Personal issues (problems outside school etc.)
  • Bullying

Students are welcome to make appointments to discuss whatever issues are troubling them or parents/guardians may contact the school and request an appointment for their daughter/son.

Developmental Programmes

Working together with the NBSS teacher, we take smaller groups of students to develop their coping skills; deal with anxiety; offer solution-focused therapy; so that our students have tools to help them to move forward positively through difficulties.

Programmes include:

  • Friends For Life
  • Working Things Out
  • Bereavement Support

Contact Information

Tel: 01 4572300


Alison Daly (Guidance Counsellor)

Claire Fox (Guidance Counsellor)