Guidance and Counselling

Guidance Counsellors

Students meet with their guidance counsellor to discuss their plans for further and/or higher education and entering the world of work.

The guidance counsellors work with students to:

  •  help them make appropriate subject choices;
  •  prepare for interviews;
  •  make applications and prepare personal statements;
  •  complete interests assessments and psychometric testing so that the students are best informed when making these major life decisions at such a young age.

 Personal Counselling

If members of staff feel that students would benefit from additional support, the counsellors are available to students who wish to discuss certain issues e.g.

  • Academic issues (studying etc.)
  • Socialising with others
  • Personal issues (problems outside school etc.)
  • Bullying

Students are welcome to make appointments to discuss whatever issues are troubling them or parents/guardians may contact the school and request an appointment for their daughter/son.

Developmental Programmes

Working together with the NBSS teacher, we take smaller groups of students to develop their coping skills; deal with anxiety; offer solution-focused therapy; so that our students have tools to help them to move forward positively through difficulties.

Programmes include:

  • Friends For Life
  • Working Things Out
  • Bereavement Support


Contact Information

Tel: 01 4572300


Alison Daly (Guidance Counsellor)

Claire Fox (Guidance Counsellor)

Lydia MacKenna (Psychotherapist)