National Behaviour Support Service (NBSS)

Behaviour for Learning support is an initiative developed by the National Behaviour Support Service (NBSS), an external agency funded by the Department of Education and Skills, established in 2007. The aim is to promote and encourage good behaviour throughout the school.  The role of the Behaviour support teacher is to help students develop skills which improve their behaviour, social and emotional literacy and mental health. The promotion of positive behaviour and learning among our students is a core feature of our school today.

The BFL teacher works directly with all Junior Cert classes, small targeted groups, and provides individualised support if required.  The BFL teacher aims to put in place both preventative and restorative interventions to support students in their learning endeavours.

  • The Alert Programme for all first years to teach students to moderate their energy levels for class
  • Working Things Out – a mental health programme for teenagers
  • Parents Plus – a parenting course offered to parents of all Junior Cycle students
  • Rapid Reading Plus – small group targeted literacy course
  • Catch-up Literacy – individual literacy classes
  • First Year Resilience Training – a resilience training programme for first year students